How to Improve Employee Engagement with Psychometric Assessments

Employee engagement has become the new buzzword of late, with many organisations wanting to get on the bandwagon and understand how to increase their levels of employee engagement.

And why not?  Not only do high levels of employee engagement reduce absence rates, it also increases retention levels and productivity. Creating an environment where employees have a passion and drive to achieve the business objectives can only be a good investment of your time and budget.

However, there are many drivers that constitute an engaged employee and implementing a whole variety of solutions to convert employees that are already disengaged, can be challenging at the best of times. What’s more, there will always be a small amount of individuals, the ‘awkward squad’, that remain disengaged no matter what you change in any organisation.

Investing the time to increase employee engagement should start before the employee is even on-board. Employee engagement is much easier to achieve if the values of the business match the values of the employees in the first place and this is where psychometric assessments are key.

Even though candidates may have the right skills and experience, it does not mean they will perform effectively in the role. By developing a personality profile and using psychometric assessments to identify the essential characteristics, you can find out if candidates are the right match for your organisation.

However, before creating your personality profile, it is worth considering the following points:

  • The first and most important is to establish what your business goals and values are.
  • From here you can define what an engaged employee means for your organisation, what characteristics, behaviours and motivation they require in order to achieve the values and goals of the organisation.
  • After you have a clear outline of where your organisation wants to be and what employees you need to get there, you can create a personality profile that will enable you to screen candidates on fit between the business values and their personal values.

An engaged employee not only has a positive impact on achieving your business objectives, they also have a positive impact on the rest of their employees. By implementing this process, potential employees are more likely to be the right ‘fit’ for your organisation and there is more chance of them being engaged…which can only be a good investment of your time!

2 thoughts on “How to Improve Employee Engagement with Psychometric Assessments

  1. Employees lose engagement for a number of reasons, and it isn’t just about being the right fit. It helps greatly if you have a well planned and varied engagement strategy for the whole company, and companies need to start taking into account that there isn’t a one sized fits all solution for engaging all employees.

    Don’t get us wrong, psychometric assesments can be incredibly useful in identifying whether a potential candidate would fit in with the kinds of work and values of the company, but employee engagement isn’t guarenteed as a result of hiring these employees.

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