How Does Your Social Media Recruitment Impact Your Employer Brand?

Social media recruitment is a phrase that is thrown about a lot at the moment. Every company seems to be worrying about having a careers tab on their Facebook page, whether or not they are tweeting enough vacancies and trying to get to grips with Google+. What most organisations don’t seem to be thinking about is their social media strategy and how their online presence might impact their employer brand.

How will posting that video of your staff Christmas party on your corporate Facebook page make your company look to your potential candidates? Is it such a good idea to engage with applicants via social media on a part time basis?

Everything you do on social media is, by definition, public. If you post something online it is very difficult to ever completely remove it. All it takes is for someone to have taken a screen shot and your comment has been immortalised. For this reason, and many others, your social media output needs as much thought, attention and time dedicated to it as any press release or job advert.

Think about the following when putting together your social media strategy:

  1. What are you trying to achieve?
  2. Who are you trying to reach?
  3. How are you going to manage the response?
  4. How will this tie in with your overall recruitment strategy?


All of these points need consideration before you launch into the social recruiting sphere. This is where most business who fail get it wrong. Someone decides it’s a brilliant idea to have a Twitter feed, sets one up, tweets a few vacancies and then forgets all about it. This makes your company look shoddy and out of touch or could lead candidates to think you aren’t recruiting when you are. It is better to have no social media recruitment than a badly managed output that could potentially damage your employer brand.

You wouldn’t let a phone in your office ring and ring and have no one answer it. You wouldn’t ignore someone stood at your desk asking a question. Why would you not monitor and respond to the enquiries and applications you get via social media? If you are trying to talk to a wider audience, expect them to talk back.

Social media recruitment is just that, social. It is not the same as putting out a job advert and dealing with the response. It is more conversational and informal than traditional recruitment methods, but this does not mean it is any less important or less deserving of attention.

The bottom line is, although having social media is important. Managing it properly is much more important. Leaving candidates hanging or abandoning your output after a few dats makes it look like you have given up on recruitment. This is surely not the image you want potential future candidates to have. Tread carefully, put out a consistent message and interact with people. Social media is fun, but it shouldn’t be treated as something expendable or part time.

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