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Fundamentals of Effective Interviewing

Designed specifically for HR professionals, in-house recruiters and hiring managers who have responsibility for making hiring decisions within their organisation, our CPD accredited Interviewing Skills e-learning will help make interviewing more effective, as well as improving the candidate experience.

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Training Course Objectives:

This effective interview training has been designed to develop the core capabilities of in-house recruiters, hiring managers & HR professionals, equipping teams with the key skills and knowledge needed to perform successful interviews.

Common objectives for those attending include:

  • Effective candidate experience
  • Understanding how to design & structure an effective interview
  • Conducting a professional & engaging selection interview
  • Understanding & applying different question styles
  • Objective evaluation & decision making
  • Managing candidate feedback

What’s Covered?

During the training e-learning, you will cover five keys aspects of an effective interview:

The Importance of an effective Candidate Experience

  • The business implications of a bad hire
  • Ensuring an excellent candidate experience

Preparing for an Interview

  • Understanding different types of bias that can occur in an interview and how to mitigate against them
  • Identifying the criteria that you need to assess
  • Question styles to consider (e.g. biographical, competency based, motivational, potential)
  • Structuring the interview

Conducting the Interview

  • Preparing for the interview
  • Introductions
  • Effective questioning (including probing & follow-up questions)
  • Closing the interview
  • Recording evidence


  • Evaluating the evidence objectively to support the hiring decision
  • Post interview administration/processes
  • Feedback to candidates

Legal Considerations

  • Fairness, bias & discrimination
  • Illegal questions


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CPD Accredited

This e-learning accounts for 3 hours towards your Continuous Professional Development.

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