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Are you considering a Managed Service? Schedule some time with our contingent workforce experts.

In the next 5 years contingent workers are expected to make up to 60% of the average company total workforce. Why not book in some time to discuss the benefits of contingent workforce solutions.

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How we do it

Recruitment of Contractors

Use our expertise to source contractors directly and exclusively for your business, in the most cost effective way whilst also reducing your reliance upon using costly recruitment agencies.

Managed Services

Experienced Managed Service Provider utilising a supply-chain of over 200 organisations across the UK to support contingent worker delivery. Our supplier management team will help you to get the most out of your supply chain. We will manage the supply chain on your behalf, ensuring that you are charged competitively, monitoring performance, and ensuring that their contractors are compliant.

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Workforce Demand Planning

Contractors are vital to the running of a lot of businesses. How and when you use them however, can make a huge difference to your resourcing spend. We can work with you to look at the best and most cost effective way to support your business strategy and growth.

Risk and Compliance Audit

There are a number of legal obligations that organisations need to adhere to when hiring contractors. Proof of right to work is essential even when engaging a contractor, and your organization could be fined up to £20,000 per contractor if this documentation is not in place. See our IR35 section for more information.

Project Delivery

If you have a project or a piece of work that needs resources quickly, we can work with your existing recruitment or resourcing function to help you scale up your team quickly. We will source, co-ordinate, and engage contractors for your business as a complete project.

Contingent Workforce Technology

Our system allows you to see exactly which contractors you have working for you, when they commenced with the business and what you are paying for their services. Online time-sheets for contractors that can then be authorised online by managers and can be integrated into other systems. Appellia, adds value to all our clients by giving complete control and transparency to the recruitment process.

Cost Control

We review your existing flexible workforce, ensuring that you are paying market rate for your contractors, and can implement a rate card to help you pay the right rate for future contractors. This standardisation of rates and associated agency fees impacts significantly on your bottom line and is a major benefit of engaging with a Managed Service Provider for your contingent workforce.

MI & Reporting

MI is vital when making business decisions in relation to flexible resourcing. The MI we produce can be tailored to your business requirements but some key areas of focus for our clients are: How much am I spending on contractors? When are their contracts due for renewal? What skills we have been purchasing, in what volume, and for how long?

Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment

We can take a look at how your end-to-end contractor engagement currently operates and make recommendations for improvement and to help drive efficiency. Our Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment provides a unique methodology to audit, assess and benchmark the effectiveness of a resourcing function and develop ‘next step’ improvement plans?

Contingent Workforce Audit

You may be considering scaling back your permanent workforce in response to a reduced pipeline of work, and in order to cut expenditure. But what happens if you need to increase capacity quickly again in future, or urgently bring in new skills to cope with a change of direction? Contingent workers are a great way to bring that flexibility into your workforce,but having the right combination and type of workers is key to keeping the cost to a minimum.

Learn more about our Audit 

IR35 support

Are you IR35 Ready?

We don’t want IR35 to be any more complicated for you than it has to be. That’s why we’ve crunched our knowledge to create the following easy-to-follow summary of the basics.

When does IR35 come into force?

IR35 has been in force since 2000 but reforms to the rules are happening next year subject to technical consultation. Under these reforms, the person responsible for determining whether a working arrangement falls inside or outside of IR35 is changing. From 6 April 2021, if you are a medium or large-sized private sector end-user, then you are responsible for determining the IR35 status of your workers.

If you are a small private sector end-user (under the Companies Act 2006) then the intermediary is responsible for determining the IR35 status of your workers. Until 6 April 2021, public sector end-users and private sector workers are responsible for identifying IR35 status.

How can Omni help?

Our specialist IR35 Connect consultants can take away the headache and manage the risk.

We can work with you impartially to:

  • Capture and analyse data on your contractor workforce
  • Guide you through the status determination and appeals process
  • Make comprehensive and defensible risk assessments
  • Adopt delivery models to retain business critical contractor skills
  • Adopt compliant contingent workforce planning processes
  • Manage communications with your contingent workforce

Our IR35 brochure gives more detail  on the questions that you should be asking yourself as an end-user, and advice on how to prepare your business for April 2021.

Download our Brochure

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