Corporate Social 
Responsibility (CSR)

Helping society, one step at a time...

Omni believes that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is epitomised through playing the role of a corporate citizen...

...and whether we're working with our associated charities, such as Derian House and Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, or supporting local colleges with their respective careers weeks, Omni will always aim to be an influential member of the community in which it operates.

What differentiates Omni's approach to CSR is that it isn't merely based on philanthropy, but also creates shared value for everyone involved - particularly for our clients...

As Omni has a responsibility to represent our clients' brands and present them as employers of choice, we are always seeking new initiatives to collaborate over to build real social value.

An example of this is the work we do with one of our RPO clients, FTSE 250 company Mitie TFM, to support vulnerable young people in their local community enhance their employment prospects (read more) whilst also upholding Mitie's association with Stonewall, a leading LGBT charity, across our management of their entire recruitment process.

However, to ensure a consistent positive change in society, Omni believes at the very least organisations must first ensure that they are carrying out their operations in both a responsible and ehtical manner. Omni does this through stringent self-governance which is demonstrated through our extensive policies and procedures (e.g. Equal Opportunities & Diversity, Health & Safety, and Right to Work).

This also includes environmental sustainability, which Omni thoroughly embraces as part of our organisational culture to diminish any of our negative environmental impacts. To read about what we do to protect our environment, click here.

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