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Despite over three quarters (77%) of HR professionals declaring that their corporate website is the most effective talent attraction tool, 73% still experience difficulties recruiting the right people, according to the 2020 Resourcing and Talent Planning Report from Omni and the CIPD.  Fast forward to today, with the recent rapid u-turn and high volumes of vacancies, talent attraction and retention is back on the agenda as a major challenge and priority for organisations. 

Reliance on attracting talent through a careers website  means shortlisting from a limited pool. The average conversion rate for careers sites is between 2% and 10%, so unless you have a major corporate brand and your site gains high traffic, it’s unlikely you’ll receive enough applicants to make an informed decision. Additionally, those applying will be active job seekers, meaning you’re missing out on valuable passive talent.

Today’s hiring challenges often come down to organisations adopting a reactive and scattergun approach to talent acquisition (TA), with search pools limited to active job seekers and candidate pipelines that must be rebuilt every time a new position opens.  An effective TA strategy involves a number of outreach methods working simultaneously that both ensure the right people are identified for open roles and that a robust talent pipeline is developed to capture top candidates for future roles. .

How Resourcing partners can help

Often known as RPO’s, working with an external Resourcing Partner has really changed over the last few years. Historically, the ‘O’ in RPO can sometimes mislead employers to think they have to hand over all of their recruitment function to an external business. Today, this can be the case from some organisations, but also in reality an RPO tends to act as an  extension of an inhouse talent acquisition team business – working under your company’s brand to bolster talent strategies and pipelines, identifying the right people for open roles and build an employer brand that stands out from the competition.

Here are just some of the ways that working with a Resourcing Partner  can add to your business. 

Improved employer brand

A strong employer brand helps businesses to stand out and compete for the best talent. The most effective brands align with an organisation’s values, with all messaging consistent throughout the hiring process. An RPO partner will provide key market insights that inform your employer brand while working as your brand to ensure your business is marketed as a great employer. 

Increased outreach

Talent attraction is the sole focus of an RPO, meaning they have the focus and resources to connect to unidentified people . Using established connections and attraction techniques, they can conduct searches that include passive talent, presenting them with opportunities within your business in the most skilled and subtle manner. 

Winning candidate experience

A positive candidate experience can impact every aspect of your business, from candidate referrals to your bottom line. An Resourcing Partner has the expertise, insights and best practice to deliver an exceptional candidate experience, meaning better online reviews and recommendations for your business going forward. 

Complete flexibility

2020 proved that change is inevitable in every market, and organisations need to be agile enough to cope with that change. An RPO partner can support you to scale up activity when you need to hire talent quickly and scale down when hiring needs are slow. 

A true partner

Resourcing Partners become your brand, speaking your language and aligning themselves with your culture and values. Working with an RPO means inviting TA specialists to become an extension of your team and add their knowledge and experience to your hiring efforts. Their services will adapt to your precise needs, so if you need recruiters for a specific project on or off-site, you can count on them to be there. 

Identifying your precise needs

Omni’s Resourcing Effectiveness Assessment is the ultimate health check for your organisation’s TA strategy. Take our mini REA assessment to identify your current strengths and development areas and receive a report on how you can hire more effectively in 2021. Complete Omni’s Resourcing Effectiveness Assessment now.