Environmental Policy

Doing what we can to enhance sustainability...

Omni’s central part of their business is the delivery of our outsourced recruitment services with minimal environmental impact. We aim to do this directly through our business practices and indirectly by influencing our suppliers and clients.

Omni’s objective with regard to the environment is to ensure that we understand and effectively manage the actual and potential environmental impact of our activities. Our operations will be conducted with due consideration being given to sustainability and the limited use of natural resources.

We will comply with all legal requirements in areas where we carry out our business to prevent environmental damage, make a commitment to the prevention of pollution, minimise energy and resource usage and ensure that the principles of sustainable development are operated throughout all of Omni’s operations.

We will therefore:

  • Identify the significant environmental aspects and impacts from current and relevant past activities and services and, where we have direct control or can be expected to have an influence, implement an appropriate environmental management system;

  • Minimise and where reasonably practicable eliminate any adverse impact on the environment arising from the activities of our business;

  • Minimise the use of energy, resources consumed and waste produced while undertaking our business activities in a safe and professional manner;

  • Support the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials and ensure the legal disposal of all waste arising from the activities of our business;

  • Comply with legal requirements and where appropriate go beyond compliance with the minimum environmental requirements of legislative bodies and our customers;

  • Make appropriate resources available to manage the environment and ensure human resource roles, responsibilities and authorities are defined;

  • Ensure that all staff whose work may create a significant impact upon the environment are provided with adequate and appropriate information and training and are competent in environmental matters;

  • Inform and train our staff in understanding and fulfilling their environmental responsibilities and those of the company;

  • Establish and measure environmental performance against objectives and/or targets;

  • Regularly review our environmental management system at senior management level with a view to continually improving our environmental performance; and

  • This policy will be communicated to all employees, suppliers and made available to the public.

March 2015 v.1

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