This workshop supports companies with their Diversity and Inclusion strategy, with a focus on increasing diversity within their organisations.  It gives hiring managers confidence so that they feel ready to recruit and have the ability to challenge established ways of working which may have a negative impact on Diversity and Inclusion.  They will learn the techniques to structure an interview and question candidates, in particular assessing against values and behaviour more importantly than number of years’ industry experience.


Training Course Objectives:

  • Understand how the company’s diversity strategy drives the interview skills training and the importance of their roles in delivering this.
  • Ability to identify where discrimination could occur.
  • Understand unconscious bias and its impact during the hiring process.
  • The Impact of interview preparation on D&I
  • Creating interview questions for different job roles.
  • Using different questioning techniques to identify values and behaviours.
  • Having the confidence to challenge and lead decision making during interviews.

Whats covered

  • Changing demographics and their impact on resourcing

Changes taking place in the world of work due to economy, technology and communication.

Delegates will learn about the impacts on changes in demographics on the Candidate Experience and Assessment & Selection of candidates


  • Legislation & unconscious bias

Explanation of the Equality Act 2010 and protected characteristics, covering the impact on different stages of the recruitment and assessment process.

Delegates will understand the different types of bias that can occur in an interview and how to mitigate against them.



  • Building D& I intro the recruitment process

Delegates will understand how to start planning recruitment covering the importance of thinking about diversity and inclusion and what that means from the stage where a vacancy is approved.


  • The Importance of interview Preparation

Delegates will understand how to prepare for an interview covering: communication, interview environment and time management to ensure a great candidate experience.

Discussion around what makes a good CV and a poor one, and how to select who to interview from a CV.

  • Effective Interview techniques

Delegates will learn:

Importance of having an interview structure, with a greeting, acquiring and supplying information and how to close the meeting.

Effective questioning techniques: open, closed, example based and probing, and how they can be used to get information from a candidate.

Common pitfalls from asking questions, such as using leading questions, making quick first impressions, stereotyping candidates and the horns and halo effects.


  • Interview feedback and calibration

Recording evidence & evaluating the evidence objectively to support the hiring decision.

Requirements of data protection legislation.

Scoring behaviour during an interview on the assessment criteria.

How notes can be requested by candidates after an interview.

  • D&I Interview considerations

A group exercise to help interviewers tackle common challenges arising during the hiring process which have potential impacts upon diversity and inclusion.

  • Summary and Feedback

Ensuring delegates have achieved their personal objectives from the training session.

We truly value our partnership with Omni and we look forward to working with them to break new ground in future.

Mike Stubbs

Operations Director
Strategic Resources Partnerships

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