Workshop Overview

This training has been designed to help in your role as an in-house recruiter better manage stakeholders within your organisation to be able to deal effectively with the needs of internal contacts and get buy-in from the business.

The workshop covers how to identify and understand key stakeholders as well as effective influencing and how to become a consultant to your organisation, reviewing opportunities and improving the candidate experience.

Following this workshop, you will have the ability to deliver on hiring requirements and ensure that the most talented individuals in the marketplace accept offers, as well as achieving improved time and cost per hire for your organisation.

Who Should Attend?

Aimed at in-house recruitment and HR professionals responsible for talent acquisition for their organisation.


What will I Learn?

This training will teach you how to:

  • Identify who key stakeholders are and how to manage their individual needs
  • Ensure you and your team understand how to flex their own personal style and approach to engage different stakeholders, including how to “push back” if required
  • Understand the influencing strategies to use within the work environment to build effective relationships
  • Gain the confidence to become a trusted consultant and advisor to your business

In-House Training

This training can be brought directly to you and your team, delivered exclusively to your organisation at your site to groups of up to 12 people. Our expert trainers will also tailor the course content in line with your organisation’s objectives to make it completely relevant to your business.

This training can be delivered as a standalone workshop or as part of a wider recruitment training programme for your organisation. Contact our team today to learn more about Omni’s on-site training delivery and how we can design a programme bespoke to you.

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