Consultancy Division

Audit and enhance your entire resourcing strategy...

Want to know where and why your recruitment is holding you back and what steps you need to take to achieve your ideal resourcing strategy?

As a multi award-winning RPO provider, Omni understands that outsourced recruitment isn't an option for all businesses... 

Which is why we have the Consultancy Division which helps our clients build their own, in-house direct recruitment and sourcing capability and retain their best talent. 

We offer bespoke consultancy as well as a Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment.  The REA is the UK's only recruitment maturity model that identifies all of your recruitment issues and makes clear exactly what needs to be done to resolve them.   

Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment (REA) >

For an exploratory discussion with our Consultancy Division, contact us on 0161 929 4343 or email

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