Changing the way organisations resource for the better

Omni RMS is a Resourcing Transformation Specialist.

We want to understand what’s important to your organisation and how your current resourcing function is performing. We start by taking an in-depth look at your resourcing function from strategy to supplier management – analysing and bench-marking activities against industry best practice to provide a clear snap shot of resourcing performance.

Working in complete partnership with our clients, our expert consultants guide and provide strategic insights into your current talent acquisition process. We use a Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment tool to review your entire talent acquisition process, including key elements like employer branding, processes, and technology.

Transform your business

We understand that business success is only achievable through the right people. We work with businesses to assess, improve and measure talent acquisition, with people at the core of our strategy. Our recruitment consulting services incorporates every element of the talent acquisition process and enables our clients to develop of a world-class resourcing function:

  • Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment
  • Recruitment Transformation
  • Talent & Market Mapping
  • Employee Retention Strategy
  • Assessment & Selection Design
  • Outplacement Support
  • Succession Planning & Talent Management Strategy
  • Employer Branding Strategy & Communications Design
  • Workforce Planning
  • Social Media Strategy & Management

Measure the 10 Elements of Recruitment

Omni’s Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment (REA) will transform your recruitment strategy into a truly best practice resourcing function.

The REA provides a unique and proven methodology to audit, assess and benchmark the effectiveness of a resourcing function and develop world class improvement plans.

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