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Changing the way organisations resource for the better

Omni RMS is a Resourcing Transformation Specialist.

We want to understand what’s important to your organisation and how your current resourcing function is performing. We start by taking an in-depth look at your resourcing function from strategy to supplier management – analysing and benchmarking activities against industry best practice to provide a clear snapshot of resourcing performance.

Working in complete partnership with our clients, our expert consultants guide and provide strategic insights into your current talent acquisition process. We use a Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment tool to review your entire talent acquisition process, including key elements like employer branding, processes, and technology. Once this review is complete, we can advise you on what we believe is the most suitable recruitment model for your business. It will account for your existing level of resource as well as suggesting where additional capability would be best utilised.

Omni’s strategic recruitment consultancy services are ideal for any company that is keen to keep their resourcing function inhouse, rather than go down the recruitment process outsourcing route. At Omni, we are ready to advise on every aspect of your recruitment strategy and prepare your team to confidently manage and further develop it, in line with your business needs.

Transform your business

We understand that business success is only achievable through the right people. We work with businesses to assess, improve and measure talent acquisition, with people at the core of our strategy. Our recruitment consulting services incorporates every element of the talent acquisition process and enables our clients to develop of a world-class resourcing function:

  • Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment
  • Recruitment Transformation
  • Talent & Market Mapping
  • Employee Retention Strategy
  • Assessment & Selection Design
  • Outplacement Support
  • Succession Planning & Talent Management Strategy
  • Employer Branding Strategy & Communications Design
  • Workforce Planning
  • Social Media Strategy & Management

Our outplacement support service helps companies and employees alike at a time of great personal change. When an individual decides to exit a business, whether voluntary or involuntary, we’re here to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. In order for a company to protect its brand as an excellent employer, it is important that people are given a compassionate and honourable resolution to their time there. Such action comes with the added benefit of reassuring remaining employees that their employer genuinely cares for their welfare, helping to boost engagement and productivity.

At Omni, our strategic recruitment consultancy services stretch include ongoing support for our bespoke applicant tracking and recruitment system, Appellia. It gives you greater control and oversight of the entire recruitment process, and can be configured so you and the hiring manager only see the data of greatest interest to you. Appellia can be branded in accordance with a company’s brand guidelines, making it a seamless fit for your organisation.

Diversity and inclusion are an important aspect of any recruitment strategy but it can be difficult to know how to proactively make a change. Omni can guide and support you in creating a more inclusive workforce with our Inclusive Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment (IREA). We will help you to open your talent pool, compare your efforts with industry competitors and demonstrate the commercial as well as ethical benefits of proactive D&I recruitment.

Measure the 10 Elements of Recruitment

Omni’s Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment (REA) will transform your recruitment strategy into a truly best practice resourcing function. We want to support you in your efforts to locate, engage and recruit the best possible talent to help you meet your business objectives.

The REA provides a unique and proven methodology to audit, assess and benchmark the effectiveness of a resourcing function. We can cover the entire end-to-end recruitment process, giving you a strategic and practical analysis of your recruitment situation. As part of this, Omni will provide you with a highly detailed report outlining our recommendations and highlighting any problematic areas that could negatively impact on growth. These recommendations will include immediate fixes that bring about prompt change, as well as longer term considerations.

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