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Omni’s Thorough Talent Recruitment Process

For any business to succeed, it needs talented individuals who can innovate and drive the business forwards. They should not only have the necessary skills and experience, but the passion and motivation to make a tangible difference to a company’s future. Such individuals will embrace the goals of your business strategy and identify ways in which they can help you achieve them. But how can you recruit such talent?

At Omni, we have access to greater talent sources than a typical HR department and so can conduct a more wide-ranging talent recruitment process. Over the years, we have built up an extensive network of contacts and candidates who we can draw upon when filling a position. This means that we can be incredibly time and cost efficient, whilst also giving you one less thing to worry about.

Taking your job specification, we will search our databases for potential applicants. Interested individuals will then be contacted by our highly experienced team who will assess their suitability for interview through a series of conversations and checks.  

Our candidate screening process is incredibly thorough. We will carefully examine and investigate each element of an individual’s CV to ensure that it checks out, protecting you from any nasty surprises further down the road. This process includes following up on the references provided, asking searching yet constructive questions to establish whether the candidate is everything that they say they are.

Depending on the specific role requirements, we may also ask the candidate to complete a number of pre-employment checks or skill assessments. These could include proof of their right to work in the UK, DBS checks and fitness assessments. If your company has its own evaluation techniques, we can ensure that these are carried out.

Should you require additional assistance, we can also guide you through preparing for an interview. When you are ready to offer the job to an individual, we can act as a mediator in discussions about salary and benefit packages.

Omni’s talent recruitment methodology is incredibly flexible and agile, so this process can made to fit with your timeline and unique requirements. Each step can be tracked using our transparent tracking system, Apellia, if you are interested. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details and how we can solve your talent recruitment needs.


Working In Partnership To Find The Perfect Candidate

At Omni, we can work with you to fill a single vacancy or on an ongoing basis as part of a recruitment process outsourcing arrangement. The latter approach gives us greater opportunity to refine your recruitment strategy and consider future recruitment needs. Whichever option you choose, the team Omni will use their wealth of industry knowledge and advanced talent recruitment technology to find you the ideal slate of candidates.

Often overlooked in talent recruitment is culture fit. At Omni we make it a priority. No matter how qualified an individual is for a role, if they don’t share the company’s values or ethos, they simply aren’t suitable for the position. A bad culture fit will inevitably lead to poor job satisfaction and higher employee turnover. By developing close relationships with all our talent recruitment clients, we gain a better understanding of their company culture and values and so can suggest more appropriate candidates.

Similarly, we can account for your company’s particular policies or commitments around diversity and inclusion. Omni will help transform your good intentions into actual actions when following our talent recruitment methodology.