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My Omni Journey

What do you enjoy most about your role at Omni?

I am given the opportunity to work with autonomy managing my time appropriately, equally I am given the support and guidance I need to ensure I can achieve in supporting my client to resource for the better. Omni has given me the opportunity to secure a challenging position with the added flexibility of being able to work 4 days per week, which supports the needs of my family alongside my desire to have a career of my own.

What is the best thing about working for Omni?

The team! The culture is like no other I have worked in, the friendship and support I have from my colleagues and leadership counts for so much. I also feel the company genuinely cares about my wellbeing and not just what I achieve in the working day. Having worked for larger global companies, I also love the fact we are smaller and more agile, which can offer more personal growth and opportunity. Oh, and Omnis social events are outstanding and build great teamwork!

Where did you work before Omni?

I have a background in commercial recruitment mainly, I started my recruiting career in 1996 and then worked for over 20 years within a well-known High Street Agency, managing large teams. In 2015 I felt like I needed a change and decided to move Inhouse as a recruiter within Financial Services before managing the contingent workforce for a large Global MSP within communications. My friend who had worked for Omni for some time, suggested I apply to Omni as she felt I may be a good fit for an opportunity within a new prestigious client Omni had just secured and the rest is history!

What exciting things do you get to work on at Omni?

I was recruited to support the implementation of a new large customer that Omni had just secured, so it was very exciting to be involved at the early stages and have input into how we manage and support the client to provide cost-effective solutions to their recruitment issues. The role is quite different to what I had undertaken before, that said all my experience has been invaluable. I have supported large projects, through coordination and collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders. Moving forward I can see massive opportunities for individuals joining the organisation as we have realistic and inspiring goals for company growth. I feel you can achieve anything you want here, through hard work and commitment.

In your opinion, why is Altrincham/working from home a great place to work?

I was one of the first employees to work remotely, I live in Berkshire and the client I support has offices in London & the south, so Omni needed someone who was based nearer to these sites. I would travel up to Altrincham for meetings and to see the team once or twice a month and always loved my time there. Since the Pandemic, we have all been working remotely and this has helped cement great working relationships with the wider team as we all have to use media to connect in the same way I always had.