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Below are Omni's current vacanices combined with tips and advice on how to prepare for an interview and give yourself the best chance of success.

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Omni Vacancies

Can't find anything suitable?
Can't find anything suitable?

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Graduate Talent Academy
Graduate Talent Academy

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Talent Acquisition Specialist
Talent Acquisition Specialist

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What to Expect

A step-by-step guide on our application process

  • After applying for one of our vacancies, your CV will be uploaded on to our system
  • The recruiting manager will contact you by email or telephone within 48-hours of receiving your application, either to provide feedback or to arrange an interview.
  • If you are successful, the recruiting manager will conduct a telephone interview with you to review your CV and discuss your suitability for the vacancy. If you are invited to attend a face-to-face interview, you will be requested to complete an online personality psychometric test which will be arranged by one of our Consultants.
  • You will be given feedback on the psychometric test prior to your interview.
  • The recruiting manager will then contact you to provide details of your face-to-face interview including location, interview format and the interviewer's details.
  • Depending on the position you have applied for, you may be requested to attend a 2nd interview.
  • Following the interviews, a decision will be made by the Senior Managers within 24-48 hours of your last interview and the recruiting manager will be in contact to provide you with feedback or an offer.


Preparing your CV

Your CV is a snap shot of your skills, competencies and experience and it’s your first impression to recruiting managers so you need to ensure it is an excellent and accurate reflection of you.

Recruiting managers will pick out those candidates who have the most appropriate skills and competenices for the role so it is important that your CV is concise, succinct and easy to read.

A good CV will always contain the following points:

  • Full Name
  • Contact details (telephone number, e-mail address)
  • Current job title (if possible)
  • List of your competencies
  • Previous job roles (if possible)
  • Companies you’ve worked for
  • Education and training

Hints and tips......

  • Your CV is like an advert for you - so make sure it sells you well
  • Your CV should mention the competencies for the role
  • Spell check your CV
  • Do not include a photograph (unless requested to)
  • Use an easy to read font such as Arial, size 11 or 12
  • Never use italics
  • Use bold text for sub-headings
  • Your CV should be no longer than 2 sides of A4

Preparing for interviews

Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews can sometimes be deceptive. You don’t have to get dressed in your best or travel to the company site and you will most likely be in the comfort of your own home.However, telephone interviews are just as important as face-to-face interviews. If you fail to impress the interviewer at this stage, you are unlikely to make it through to the next stage.

Here are some tips to make sure you prepare for your telephone interview in the best possible way:

Before the interview
  • Have a copy of your CV in clear view so you don’t have to remember previous employment information.
  • Make a list of your skills and qualifications and how these match the position you are interested in.
  • Research the position and the company, information under the About Us section of our website will help you with this.
  • If possible use a landline rather than a mobile so you do not have to worry about losing your signal.
  • Make sure you are free from distractions and are in a quiet place.
During the interview
  • Make sure you take notes of your conversation so you remember what you have discussed. The interviewer may also give you useful information that will help in a face-to-face interview.
  • Explain to the interviewer what interests you about the role and how your skills could add value to the company.
  • Make sure you have a list of questions to ask the interviewer including anything you are unsure of about the role.

Face-to-Face Interviews

Using the same preparation for a telephone interview (above) will also help you to prepare for your face-to-face interview, though here are some extra tips:

Before the interview
  • Double check the date and time of your interview and aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early.
  • Contact the interviewer to check if there will be any test/exercises that you will need to prepare for.
During the interview

Interviewers are not expecting perfect answers, they want to find out if you are the right person for the role and have the ability they are looking for. Most importantly try to relax and be yourself.

Please note: If you have a disability and you will need additional support, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make these arrangements.

It’s only natural that you’ve got a few questions. Hopefully we’ll answer the key ones here >

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