The Northern Care Alliance is an NHS Group formed by bringing together two NHS Trusts; Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. The NCA provides a range of healthcare services including five hospitals and associated community services across Greater Manchester.

Measuring Resourcing Effectiveness Assessment

The work began with a Resourcing Effectiveness Assessment (REA) across the NCA Group using our proven methodology and framework against which we audited the NCA’s end-to-end resourcing practice and benchmarked results against industry best practice. The results of REA provided NCA with the transparency of all their resourcing activity as well as a road map of recommendations and priorities to allow for the development of a world-class resourcing strategy to achieve their key objective; to effectively recruit and retain the best talent to enable the delivery of highly reliable care.

Omni audited ten key areas of organisational recruitment across the NCA Group in order to identify strengths and weaknesses with their existing practice and highlight any trends and potential barriers to growth.

Omni has been working in partnership with the NCA for over 18 months delivering strategic resourcing consultancy as part of the Trust’s overall organisational merger and restructure – in order to solve the challenges with recruitment of permanent staff and reduce the cost of its temporary workforce.

Development of a new Resourcing Strategy

After completion of the REA, Omni was subsequently appointed to act as a strategic partner to develop a resourcing strategy for the NCA. As part of this work, Omni is working with the NCA to develop a new resourcing vision; transformation road map; operating model; employer brand and EVP with a new careers website; and a training programme for the Group’s in-house resourcing team. We’re also working with the NCA to review their attraction methods, develop a programme of recruitment training for their hiring manager community as well as reviewing current assessment & selection methods in use across the organisation for all levels of hire.

New measures have been put in place across the Trust to monitor the effectiveness of our recommendations and the changes that have been implemented to date including the number of hires, conversion rates, hiring manager and candidate satisfaction/experience, number of applications and social media activity. Since the partnership has commenced the key measure of success (the number of nurse permanent vacancies) has reduced by 10% across Salford Royal Trust.

” We were clear about the necessity to change our resourcing model given the current difficulties experienced trying to attract talent and the need to keep up with developments in the marketplace. Omni validated this need for change and the results from the REA clearly set the direction for the Resourcing Team workstreams. Omni’s feedback has enabled us to clearly define what we needed to deliver in order to transform our current recruitment model and work towards our overall ambition to establish and promote the Alliance employer brand as an employer of choice, decrease the current deficit of nurse and medical hires (in particular), improve the volume and quality of candidates, improve the candidate and hiring manager experience and deliver the best value now and in the future. Louise (Shaw’s) knowledge and experience and the support she has given to me personally has been invaluable.”

Amy Goodale, Resourcing Lead, Northern Care Alliance