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Bring control & visibility to your recruitment process

Resourcing and managing a contingent workforce can be extremely costly and time-consuming, and with the added burden of managing multiple suppliers and systems can lead to inaccurate reporting and lack of process.

As an award-winning provider of Contingent Workforce Solutions, Omni can bring control and visibility to the entire recruitment process, whilst sourcing the best talent in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our Contingent Labour Services

Managed Services

Experienced Managed Service Provider utilising a supply chain of over 200 organisations across the UK to support contingent worker delivery. Our supplier management team will help you to get the most out of your supply chain. We will manage the supply chain on your behalf, ensuring that you are charged competitively whilst monitoring performance and ensuring that their contractors are compliant.

Contingent RPO

Contingent RPO takes all the fantastic benefits of the permanent RPO solutions (such as EVP, technology implementation and direct sourcing teams) and implements them within a contingent MSP programme. Competition for talent remains fierce and both employers and employees are enjoying the flexibility, diversity and productivity offered by the contingent working model.

Statements of Work

Our SoW Programme provides visibility and governance of smaller projects and associated spend. We help scope, document and agree milestones for projects, onboard consultancies providing the projects and ensure that all documentation is accurate, compliant and auditable. We offer invoicing and payment services as well as supplier performance analytics to help you make better purchasing decisions in future.

Benefits of an outsourced contingent labour programme


Cost Control

MI & Reporting

Demand Planning

IR35 support

Are you IR35 Ready?

We don’t want IR35 to be any more complicated for you than it has to be. That’s why we’ve crunched our knowledge to create the following easy-to-follow summary of the basics.

Under these reforms, the person responsible for determining whether a working arrangement falls inside or outside of IR35 changed on 6 April 2021, if you are a medium or large-sized private sector end-user, then you are now responsible for determining the IR35 status of your workers. If you are a small private sector end-user (under the Companies Act 2006) then the intermediary is responsible for determining the IR35 status of your workers.

Our specialist IR35 Connect consultants can take away the headache and manage the risk.

We can work with you impartially to:

  • Capture and analyse data on your contractor workforce
  • Guide you through the status determination and appeals process
  • Make comprehensive and defensible risk assessments
  • Adopt delivery models to retain business critical contractor skills
  • Adopt compliant contingent workforce planning processes
  • Manage communications with your contingent workforce

Our IR35 brochure gives more detail  on the questions that you should be asking yourself as an end-user, and advice on how to ensure your business is not disrupted by IR35.

Download our Brochure


Contingent Workforce Audit

Contingent workers are a great way to bring that flexibility into your workforce, but having the right combination and type of workers is key to keeping the cost to a minimum. Our Contingent Workforce Audit has three main components – use them independently or combined to ensure that you get the most out of your flexible workforce.

Find out more 

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