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Omni’s employability and career service operates at the heart of our changing world.

With over 20 years’ experience in resourcing and talent management, we help organisations to protect their brand values, attract great talent and achieve their diversity objectives.

We do this by providing innovative technology that makes a real difference to their future talent pools, regretted candidates and displaced employees.

Career and employability management isn’t about ticking a box or doing the right thing, it’s about helping people develop their skills and providing real opportunities to find new roles and progress their career.  

Users are left as real ambassadors of your organisation, acknowledging the support given.

Often overlooked, it’s now a fundamental part of any overarching talent management strategy. 

Where does it fit with talent management strategy?

Omni’s employability and career service technology supports organisations by allowing its users to realise the potential of their transferable skills, improving their employability and helping them to move into new roles.

Omni’s technology is developed so it’s fully branded to an organisation and configured specifically to suit the end user’s needs. Organisations can give access to a wide variety of groups, including:

• Internal talent pools such as early careers, high potential, and diverse groups to enable career progression

• At-risk employees to help them find another role internally or externally

• External talent pools to support the creation of talent communities to draw from for future roles

• Regretted candidates to enhance an organisations employer brand and support employability

• Social value and community partners to enable them to support others into longer-term employment routes.

Watch the video below for more on how our Career Hub could help your organisation.

Online Career Hub

Omni’s Career Hub contains thousands of resources that allow users to access the advice of career specialists and tackle the most common career obstacles, whenever they need. It is the equivalent of having a personal career coach including Career Assessments, CV Builder, Elevator Pitch and Interview Simulator.

Key Features

  • Mobile first solution with over 500 e-learning programmes including expert videos, tutorials and articles covering all the key aspects of employability and career development.
  • Unlimited access to psychometric tools including assessments & quizzes on ability, motivation, personality and resilience – complete with downloadable results – to build readiness for job search.
  • Optional online job search portal providing job alert notifications – with fast access to live UK jobs specific to your sector and role types.

To find out more about how we can support company access and develop bespoke programmes, book a call with Omni today.

Co-op Employability & Career Support

The Co-op partner with Omni to develop and manage the Co-op Career Development Hub which is used by a number different users from Regretted candidates, School leavers, At-risk employees and Community partners.

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Who we work with

""Having worked with Omni for over two years we were introduced to their Career Transition tool which supports outplacement activities. Having discussed our needs Omni were very flexible to ensure that our needs were met within tight timescales without compromising quality of service. It was important for us as a business to be able to offer something to those going through redundancy, something of value that could support them in being in a better place to find their next role. I would highly recommend working with Omni when you are considering outplacement services as they are a partner you can trust to represent your brand at such a challenging and sensitive time.""

Resourcing Manager – Osborne Construction  

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