Leadership Coaching & Training

Changing the way organisations train talent for the better.

Programme Overview

Our Leadership Training programmes help organisations to significantly improve their employee effectiveness by focusing on areas such as:

• Developing coaching capability in Leaders
• Strategically managing change
• Problem Solving and Strategic Decision Making
• Communicating and Influencing
• Motivating Teams to perform throughout the business
• Developing Coaching Skills for Managers
• Managing Workplace Behaviours and creating an impactful culture
• Performance Management and Developing Teams
• Managing Diverse Teams and developing an Inclusive Recruitment and Selection programme

Whatever your objectives and learning needs, and whatever level of Leadership you would like to be trained, Omni will design, develop, and deliver your Leadership development. Training can be delivered either remotely or face to face when possible.

Leading Edge


Leadership training is integral to the success of all aspect of a business.

The right leadership training will improve organisational effectiveness.

With skilled leaders, business results improve, attrition reduces and everyone enjoys the workplace.

Your leadership should inspire and motivate your people.

We’ll help make this happen.

Omni’s Leadership Training programmes provide a comprehensive and tailored solution to developing and upskilling individuals of all levels.

We work with Senior Management Teams, from Heads of Department through to Directors and business owners.

Deep-Dive Profiling for Leadership and Critical Roles 

Used to support recruitment, internal talent identification, succession planning and developmental activities, Omni Deep-Dive profiling is an objective assessment of an individual’s talents, potential, style, areas for development and potential risks. 

These can be aggregated to offer insight at a team or organisational level.  Our flexible, by design, approach allows us to reflect an organisation’s existing talent architecture (eg organisational values, behaviours etc) or employ Omni’s holistic five factor Transformative Leadership Profile.   

"It has been a useful and eye-opening tool and would love to be able to make use of this as soon as possible to make things better within the team and company."

Medequip Manager

"It was excellent, really thought-provoking and raised some interesting issues and made some worthwhile points that will have an impact on our future recruitment process."

UK Finance Manager

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