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In our previous blog post, we discussed common conceptions around Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and one of these was that “RPO is inflexible”, however, this post dives deeper into On-Demand RPO and it’s benefits, showing just how flexible RPO can really be.

In an ever-evolving world, organisations need agile recruitment strategies to attract and retain top talent. On-Demand RPO is a flexible solution enabling organisations to outsource recruiting as and when you need it. Whether filling a specific role or handling high-volume hiring, On-Demand RPO can transform your approach.

Benefits of On-Demand RPO

Recruitment is essential for any successful organisation. To ensure the right people are brought on board, organisations must invest in efficient and cost-effective recruitment solutions. On-Demand RPO is an emerging model that can help organisations achieve these goals:

  • Cost-Effectiveness – Only pay for recruiting services needed at any time, avoiding costs of idle capacity or underutilised recruiters. Also gain access to advanced recruiting technologies without large investments.
  • Specialisation – Access specialised recruiting expertise, like sourcing for hard-to-fill roles, high-volume hiring, or recruiting in specific industries. Also access wider talent pools including passive candidates. 
  • Speed – Rapidly onboard additional recruiters to address pressing hiring needs or fill urgent roles with minimal delays. Accelerates time-to-fill for critical positions unlike slowly expanding in-house teams, with other priorities.
  • Flexibility – Recruiting strategies and focus can shift along with your evolving business needs. The flexible model allows pivoting to target different talent pools or skills. Can also be mobilised rapidly for expansion or projects.

Typical Situations Where On-Demand RPO May Be Utilised

  • Seasonal Hiring – Retail peak seasons, hospitality busy periods, graduate recruitment.
  • Sudden / Urgent Hiring – Unplanned attrition, projects requiring urgent hiring to meet deadlines.
  • Expansion – Geographical expansion needing local expertise, business growth requiring more headcount.

Benefits for Hiring Managers

On-Demand RPO can also reduce workload for hiring managers:

  • RPO recruiters handle sourcing and screening, so managers only interview qualified candidates, removing the burden of dealing with poor applications.
  • RPO provider coordinates interviews, assessments, background checks and workflows.
  • Faster process with dedicated recruiters, reduces time managers spend on open requisitions.
  • Managers can focus on strategic decisions and actions rather than administrative hiring tasks.

Summary: How On-Demand RPO Provides More Scalability / Flexibility

On-Demand RPO offers greater flexibility to rapidly scale recruiting up and down versus static in-house teams. Capacity can adjust quickly based on changing needs through variable pricing rather than fixed costs. It provides agility by utilising specialised expertise and technologies on-demand instead of building internally.

Overall, On-Demand RPO enables greater speed and adaptability by leveraging an extensive talent pool, rather than rigid traditional models. It doesn’t require additional headcount when needs fluctuate, giving managers the flexibility to pivot strategies and resources as priorities shift.

Omni’s On-Demand RPO solution provides flexible, expert recruitment support to organisations and complements the activity of in-house resourcing teams. Click here to find out more about our RPO solutions, including On-Demand RPO, or contact us for an informal discussion on how we could support your hiring objectives and talent acquisition needs.

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