Recruitment & Selection Assessment

Changing the way organisations assess talent for the better.

Robust assessment processes.

Omni’s Assessment Solutions allow you to identify the best talent.

We help organisations ensure their selection process is a positive experience.

We take an inclusivity first approach to our assessment solutions.

You can make better hiring and promotion decisions. This ensures a workforce that is more aligned to the organisations strategic needs.

This has several positive impacts, including increased performance, better retention rates, higher engagement levels and reduced costs.

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Core Assessment Services

Enhance your recruitment, development and talent management processes with psychometric assessments.

Psychometric Assessments can support organisations to make better hiring decisions. They provide targeted developmental support to individuals and teams.

We’ll help you identify capability gaps and identify high potential individuals.

This process supports succession planning and reduces talent attrition. It’s also proven to promote a culture of inclusivity and appreciation of diversity.

Omni helps organisations gain actionable insights into existing and potential talent through objective and detailed psychometrically grounded profiles.

Used to support recruitment and selection, profiling is an assessment of an individual. We combine their talents, potential, style, areas for development and potential risks.

These can be aggregated to offer insight at a team or organisational level.

Our flexible approach allows us to reflect an organisation’s existing talent architecture. Or we can use our holistic five factor Transformative Leadership Profile.


We’ll assess people together to support the selection of candidates for roles.

We support organisations across the design and delivery of bespoke assessment centres.

From creating assessment processes to providing experts or training managers to be assessors.

Our flexible approach will provide the support required to make the events a success. ​​

Before establishing assessment processes, you need to know the attributes for role success.

Being clear about ‘what good looks like’ is vital in being able to develop a great assessment.

​We create evidence based assessment and behavioural frameworks to develop effective recruitment processes.

Well designed, bespoke, assessment exercises and tools ensure the best decision gets made.

They mitigate bias, improve experience, differentiate employer brands and engage assessors and managers.

We create bespoke assessment tools and exercises that support recruitment activities.

These include volume screening processes, realistic behavioural simulation exercises and role aligned interviews.​

​For situations when organisations don’t have the internal expertise available.

Where objectivity is paramount, we offer a flexible resource of expert assessors.

Any assessment process is only as good as the individuals running it.

We provide practical and engaging assessor and interviewer training solutions.

We ensure that everyone involved has the skills and knowledge they need.

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