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Strategic Workforce Planning is more important now than ever before.

Maintaining business continuity under such uncertain commercial conditions is a key priority for most businesses.

Organisations need to explore ways in which they can remain flexible, by ably adapting to new, and perhaps previously unexplored challenges and pressures.

Strategic Workforce Planning is the alignment of an organisations Business Strategy with their Workforce Strategy.

Having the right people in the right place at the right time is critical to the success of your business but getting high calibre resource at the right cost and engaged on the right contract is also absolutely key.

As a business, you may find that:

  • You need to increase headcount quickly and at short notice
  • You may require new skills in order to cope with a sudden change in business strategy
  • It is becoming more difficult to hire certain skills that are in demand across the UK
  • You are unsure whether your offering is attractive enough to secure top talent

Scroll down for Omni’s solutions to these. challenges.

Strategic Workforce Planning Services

Environmental Scan

Gain deep insight into your organisations position in the market.


No matter where your organisation is on their Strategic Workforce Planning journey, Omni can support with a dedicated consultant.

Consulting & Coaching

Our consultants are available to support with any of your Strategic Workforce Planning Challenges.

SWP in Action

Completed by Omni’s consultants, this allows you to gain deep insight into your organisations position in the market, including challenges that you are likely to face with external candidate availability, legislative changes, environmental, political and sociological changes.

We use desktop research, review industry reports, analyse key data and use our talent market analytics and labour market data platform to create a detailed report specific to the challenges that your organisation faces.

This provides a really solid foundation upon which to build your Strategic Workforce Plan.

The benefits of Omni’s Environmental Scan
  • It provides a very detailed analysis of the external factors that are likely to have an impact on your ability to hire.
  • This allows you to consider different scenarios when planning your Workforce Strategy.

Use the form below to contact us for more information.

No matter where your organisation is on their Strategic Workforce Planning journey, Omni can support with a dedicated consultant.

Our workshops are designed to support you with each element in real-time, along with tools and resources to allow you to complete the work in-house.

Workshops typically include the following modules:
  1. Identification of Company Vision, Risks and Challenges. Impact Analysis and Risk Control. Identification of Strategic Priorities
  2. Scenario Planning
  3. Forecasting and Demand Planning
  4. Workforce Segmentation. Defining Strategic and Critical Roles. Defining Strategic Capabilities
  5. Data Requirements for Workforce Planning. Reporting and Metrics
  6. Talent Availability and Gap Analysis
  7. Strategic Interventions & Next Steps Planning

Use the form below to contact us for more information.

Our consultants are available to support with any of your Strategic Workforce Planning Challenges, either independently, or in conjunction with the workshops.

Our clients often use our coaching and consulting service after attending a workshop to support with any implementation challenges or knowledge gaps.

The benefits of Omni’s consulting and coaching service

Expert knowledge to ensure that you are on the right track with Strategic Workforce Planning.

The service allows internal teams to focus on business as usual, as well as maintain focus on improvements, by outsourcing some of the work to Omni to undertake.

Speak to Omni’s SWP Experts

Contact Omni today and we’ll help you overcome your workforce planning challenges.

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