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Our Talent Consultancy team provides expertise, focused on optimising your resourcing effectiveness, and is dedicated to supporting your HR and talent acquisition teams to help achieve your goals.

We’re passionate about delivering great resourcing solutions and you’re in good hands; our Omni team has more than twenty years experience, and is made up of advisors, assessment specialists, strategists, workforce planning experts and analysts. Our goal is to enable business growth for each organisation we work with – we do this by analysing your effectiveness in recruiting and retaining talent, and then develop innovative and optimised talent solutions that deliver improved efficiencies across each of your resourcing stages.

We’re often asked to support clients with unique solutions to meet their organisational goals, such as, developing inclusive hiring strategies and roadmaps, through to implementing bespoke candidate assessment programmes, and developing tailored solutions for hard-to-fill roles.  We can help you with these and much more.

We’re proud to partner with the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) in the development of the annual Resourcing and Talent Planning Report, giving Omni unique access to talent intelligence. Our detailed report provides trends, analysis and benchmarking data for UK recruitment, workforce planning and retention, helping organisations and HR teams recruit and retain more effectively.

This report, combined with our own Omni research and market analysis, allows us to develop data-driven recruitment strategies and solutions that support your organisational growth and objectives.

We’d love to learn more about your organisation and the current challenges you’re facing. We’re positive that we can help bring positive change to improve your organisation’s resourcing effectiveness. 

Talent Consultancy Solutions

Omni’s Resourcing Effectiveness Assessment is designed to help you build an optimised, data-driven approach to your talent acquisition. We start by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your current recruitment efforts, talent pools, and business goals. Leveraging the latest market research and benchmarks, we identify opportunities to enhance your employer brand, streamline your hiring process, and implement strategic resourcing channels.

You’ll receive a tailored recruitment strategy, along with actionable recommendations for attracting, engaging and selecting the best-fit talent for your organisation. We also provide ongoing support for implementing changes, monitoring progress, and optimising your approach. With our team’s knowledge and expertise, you’ll be equipped to compete for top candidates, align your recruitment to your business objectives, and maximise the ROI of your talent acquisition team.

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Our Omni team helps to boost your employer brand recognition and increase candidate attraction by optimising your recruitment marketing strategy. We’ll analyse your current employer value proposition, identify your strengths, identify any gaps and provide recommendations. We’ll then work with you to enhance your career site content, social media presence, and digital advertising to create compelling campaigns and effectively communicate your employer brand to target audiences.

Omni augments your talent pipeline by identifying the best channels and developing stand-out campaigns to attract your ideal candidates. Our employer brand solutions will enhance your qualified applicant flow, help you to build a more diverse workforce, and help reduce your cost per hire and valuable team time. With Omni as your talent marketing partner, your employer brand will resonate with top talent, engaging candidates and help your hiring teams find the best fit candidates.

Our experienced EDI  (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) experts are passionate about helping you embed diversity, equity and belonging throughout your employee lifecycle. We partner with your HR and talent acquisition team, conduct audits to identify gaps in your current programmes and policies and provide data-driven best practices to enhance inclusion across your recruitment, hiring processes, leadership development, and retention efforts. Our inclusion strategy services involve collaborating with your team (and your EDI champions) to set dynamic inclusion goals and define success metrics.

We then develop tools to monitor progress, help you address any barriers, and keep your inclusion initiatives evolving with your organisation and workforce. Whether you’re just getting started on the inclusion journey or are looking to optimise your existing efforts, we provide the expertise and guidance needed to foster a truly inclusive culture. With Omni’s help, you can ensure your practices attract diverse talent, reflect your values, and empower every employee to thrive in your organisation.

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Benchmarking recruitment and hiring processes against industry standards can provide your teams with invaluable insights. Comparing compensation packages, candidate sourcing strategies and other metrics will highlight your areas of strength and reveal opportunities for improvement.

Omni’s benchmarking services provide support for your HR and talent acquisition teams, helping you to understand current market conditions and adjust your recruitment focus to be more effective. You’ll get access to our extensive salary data and competitor analyses that allows you to make more informed compensation planning and helps ensure your offers are appropriately aligned to attracting top talent.

Our dataset includes coverage across all industries and UK locations, helping you create tailored, localised recruitment strategies, with relevant and current pay ranges. We’ll deliver both comprehensive and up-to-date market data and intelligence to support your recruitment decisions and give your organisation the competitive edge it needs to succeed and grow.

The result you’ll get from this will be strategic, evidence-based improvements that enhance your talent acquisition and strengthen your organisation for the future.

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Our workforce planning solutions enable you to optimise your talent strategy for both current and future business needs. We work with you and your teams to analyse your organisational data, identify talent gaps, and develop data-driven plans to address your specific workforce challenges. Our approach includes forecasting headcount and hiring needs, segmenting critical roles, and modelling the supply and demand of talent.

You’ll receive data-driven insights and a strategic workforce plan tailored to your organisation’s goals. We also provide tools to help you analyse your workforce trends, model scenarios, and track progress. With our expert guidance, you can then implement agile workforce plans that will evolve with your organisation, develop pipelines of critical talent, and create an engaged, productive workforce positioned for future growth.

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Omni encourages and supports organisations to develop their own online career hubs, helping to empower internal employees and external candidates to unlock their potential by discovering their unique talents and transferable skills. Our experienced team provide content, including assessments and guidance to help individuals gain self-awareness and understand their strengths. Your career hub provides learning tools to help each individual understand and articulate their skills, including CV-writing guidance, enhancing their interviewing abilities, and developing a focused career action plan.

Whether individuals are right at the start of their career journey, between roles, looking to make an internal change, or charting their long-term career path, your branded career hub provides the support they need to showcase their value. This helps you to support your existing teams and individuals, attract quality candidates, build internal early career talent pools, as well as developing external skilled and diverse talent pools. Your own career hub provides a great platform to showcase and enhance your employer brand and EVP.

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Omni’s candidate assessment services utilise predictive analytics, AI technology and bespoke programmes to help you select the right talent to help drive performance. We offer unbiased assessments tailored to your business needs that evaluate technical skills, cognitive abilities, personality traits, and cultural fit. Our simulations and assessments accurately predict candidate success on the job while removing unconscious bias from the process. You’ll receive data-rich candidate profiles along with actionable insights to inform your hiring decisions.

We use a variety of cutting-edge techniques including machine learning algorithms, virtual interviews, and data-driven job analysis. Our assessments consistently improve quality of hire, reduce turnover, and provide a great candidate experience, helping your organisation to attract and retain the best talent. Our sophisticated assessment capabilities help you to build high-performing teams, realise cost savings and efficiencies from better selection, and reinforce your employer brand.

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