Talent Development

We understand that your HR and talent acquisition teams are the driving forces behind building a high-performing workforce. Along with your Hiring Managers, they have the responsibility of selecting the talent joining your organisation. That’s why we offer customised training and development solutions to help your teams excel. Our talent development programmes are all designed to deliver hands-on, practical learning experiences tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Participants learn about developing strategic frameworks, tactical recruitment tools, and gain insights from our team of experienced trainers that they can apply immediately in their roles.

Investing in your HR, talent acquisition and hiring teams through Omni’s comprehensive talent development services will empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential and deliver innovative hiring strategies that will help you to build world-class teams.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced sourcing and recruiting capabilities to attract top talent by leveraging the latest attraction techniques and recruitment marketing strategies.
  • Skills to promote diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the hiring process via mitigating biases and expanding candidate pools.
  • Improved interviewing and assessment expertise to efficiently identify the best candidates who will achieve success and growth in your organisation.
  • Leadership coaching to nurture management excellence by developing the abilities needed to lead high-performing teams in today’s evolving workplace.
  • Measurable impact on hiring metrics and ROI with our focus on actionable takeaways that boost your recruitment KPIs.

Talent Development Solutions

Omni’s talent assessment and development solutions identify your top talent by evaluating individual strengths, talents, development needs, and capability gaps across your teams. Our assessments provide robust talent management and succession planning and we’ll support you in identifying and building targeted employee development programmes. Our customised development programmes build the precise capabilities your business requires to ensure continuity and support your future growth.

Our approach supports strategic internal mobility, boosting your engagement and retention in talent-scarce markets. We have lots of experience in designing and executing developmental assessments that are aligned to organisations’ broader talent processes and requirements. Our team provides the insights you need to nurture people, maximise their potential, and strengthen your organisation. Our comprehensive assessments and development services are tailored for each of your teams and will ensure that you optimise your workforce.

Our management and leadership training develops the critical capabilities leaders need to maximise their team’s performance. Key topics include performance management, fostering team collaboration, developing employees, coaching for excellence, time management, problem sloving and building an inclusive culture of engagement. Participants will gain insights into leadership styles, tools to motivate team members, techniques to develop talent, and ways to drive innovation.

Omni’s experienced leadership coaches work closely with managers to assess strengths, identify growth areas, and provide tailored coaching to elevate their effectiveness as people managers. The training ensures your managers have the competencies to lead, develop, and retain high-performing teams in today’s evolving workplace.

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Omni’s leadership coaching provides customised development for executives and managers seeking to continually elevate their leadership capabilities. Our experienced coaches conduct in-depth assessments to understand strengths, development areas, and preferences. We then design tailored coaching engagements focused on targeted competencies to foster growth. Leadership coaching is highly personalised based on the leader’s goals and your organisation’s needs.

Key focus areas can include strategic thinking, leading change, talent development, building trust, communication, increasing agility, driving innovation, influencing stakeholders, and more. Our Omni coaches provide frameworks, tools, feedback, and accountability through 1-on-1 coaching or working with small groups. Participants have described our coaching as impactful and thought-provoking; inspiring leaders with the confidence to take on greater challenges and drive growth for your organisation.

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Our recruitment and talent acquisition training enhances the capabilities of your recruiting team to attract and hire top talent. Key topics include advanced sourcing techniques to tap into passive candidate pools, recruitment marketing strategies to boost your employer brand, interviewing skills to efficiently assess candidates, improving candidate experience throughout the hiring process, conducting in-depth job analyses to determine selection criteria, leveraging hiring analytics, and onboarding best practices.

Your participants will gain up-to-date knowledge, skills and strategies to take your recruiting efforts to the next level. Omni’s experienced instructors provide actionable takeaways recruiters can implement immediately to contribute to your hiring metrics and ROI.

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Omni’s inclusive recruitment and selection training helps identify and mitigate biases in your hiring practices to build more diverse, equitable teams. Key topics include expanding traditional candidate pools, writing inclusive job posts, structuring interviews to be free of bias, focusing on skills vs pedigree, being aware of exclusionary hiring manager behaviours, and promoting diversity/inclusion throughout the recruitment process.

Your participants will gain knowledge to prevent biases and implement more equitable practices that expand access to opportunities. Omni’s experienced instructors provide actionable strategies to address biases and barriers at each step of the process. The training empowers your team to make positive changes that increase diversity, reflecting the makeup of talent available and developing a more inclusive workplace.

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Omni’s hiring manager training empowers your managers with the skills needed to make sound hiring decisions. Key topics include mitigating unconscious biases, conducting structured interviews, assessing culture fit, evaluating candidates consistently, selling candidates on your company/role, and onboarding new hires.¬†Participants will learn best practices for interviewing, gaining insights into a candidate’s strengths and development areas, determining fit, closing top talent, and onboarding new hires for success.

Our experienced instructors provide hiring managers with hands-on knowledge and techniques through role playing, case studies, and group discussions. The training helps ensure hiring managers conduct effective, equitable hiring processes that lead to building high-performing teams.

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"It was excellent, really thought-provoking, raised some interesting issues, and made some worthwhile points that will have an impact on our future recruitment process."

Head of Finance Team

"Omni's training is useful and eye-opening and I'm looking forward to using this as soon as possible to make things better within my team and company."

Medequip Manager

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