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It’s Blue Monday, a day traditionally synonymous with negativity. Here at Omni, we are so proud of the resilience of our team in the last 12 months, we wanted to shine a light today on some of the positives from the last year. This one is for you, Team Omni!

Few organisations remained unchanged in 2020 as they grappled with the far-reaching impact of the coronavirus pandemic on business operations and the workforce. Despite the collective relief as we entered 2021, it’s impossible not to look back at the challenges we overcame, which, against the odds, resulted in some key successes for the Omni team. 

When the first lockdown was announced back in March, everything changed for our business. We had to scrap strategies and processes that were years in the making and adapt to a new way of working. Omni’s leadership and management team worked quickly, and by day two of lockdown, we had established a new set of goals, objectives and priorities that revolved around remote working practices.

For the first time, we could cut out the commute and take advantage of truly flexible working. The team adapted so quickly and positively that Omni’s Charter House HQ was reimagined as the ‘Collaboration Hub’ used for team meetings (when social distancing rules allow), with all other work carried out from home. It wasn’t just the location that changed either; while frontline roles needed to be available for clients and candidates during their preferred hours, we provided employees with the option to split shifts around childcare and other responsibilities.

Such changes resulted in increased productivity levels, zero absenteeism, and a happier, more balanced team. It also saw us come together to manage critical projects to support the fight against COVID, including recruiting key talent for the Alderley Park Lighthouse Lab, operated by Medicines Discovery Catapult, which processed its six millionth test over the festive period.

Additionally, the hard work of each and every member of our team meant we clinched several prestigious industry awards, including: 

  • Fastest Growing Business (Business Masters 2020 North West)
  • Best Staffing Firm (Staffing Industry Analysts)
  • Best Candidate Experience (In-house Recruitment Awards)
  • Covid-19 Supplier Champion (Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards 2020)

We firmly believe that any success achieved in the last 12 months was down to embracing change and prioritising our employees’ needs. As 2021 kicks off with a third national lockdown, Omni continues to seek additional ways to support our people, especially those with care commitments and require greater flexibility.

Of course, our clients and candidates face ongoing uncertainty, and we remain proactive in shaping modern talent strategies, facilitating the transition to virtual hiring and onboarding and building robust learning and development programmes that upskill and reskill existing employees. A key priority for many organisations this year is bolstering Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives, which is finally being acknowledged as business-critical and treated with the urgency it always deserved. 

With change comes opportunity and, along with most businesses, Omni must continue to adapt and evolve in 2021 to ensure success. Through looking after our people and pulling together as a team, we’re confident that this year will be even more prosperous for our business, clients and candidates. 

For more recruitment insights and tips for HR leaders and hiring managers in 2021, stay tuned to the Omni RMS blog. If you are looking for support with your talent acquisition strategy, connect directly with one of our resourcing experts today for an informal chat.