On April 19th, Omni’s Head of Assessments James Crichton, joined talent community builders, Hollaroo to discuss: The Strategic Advantage of Inclusive Hiring – How to fill your talent pool using an unbiased approach. 

When recruiting in a talent short market, an inclusive approach to candidate attraction and selection is not just an ED&I initiative – it’s the answer to a broader problem!


The discussion focused on how you can fill your talent pipeline while prioritising an unbiased approach including:

–  Are organisations doing enough to make their roles accessible?

–  Are organisations doing enough to reduce bias?

–  Improving and increasing accessibility 

–  Engaging and influencing your audience

–  Culture Fit Vs Culture Add

–  Identify ways to widen the gate without lowering the bar

– The impact of technology in the assessment & selection process


Watch the full webinar here.