Central & Cecil Housing Trust is a not-for-profit registered provider offering housing, care and support to vulnerable people in London, Luton, Berkshire and the Midlands. Omni was selected as their preferred partner in 2014 to provide a neutral vendor managed service for the procurement of agency workers across their business.

Aims & Objectives

Central & Cecil (C&C) were working with more than 25 different agencies to source temporary employees which had become difficult to manage and represented a significant cost to their business.  They wanted to gain control of their temporary resourcing and reduce the cost of recruitment as well as improve the quality and consistency of candidates with the required knowledge, skills and experience needed to support their business.

C&C were looking for a trusted provider who could successfully deliver a high quality service that would meet their challenging business needs as the nature of their operations often required staff at very short notice. They wanted a solution that represented best value and ensured accountability and transparency whilst fully complying with all legal obligations.

Omni has developed a strong working relationship with C&C over the last four years based on trust and transparency. Our solution and the account support structure in place provides a streamlined, consistent and compliant service from sourcing right through to invoicing from one single source. All candidates are managed consistently, and C&C hiring managers have a single point of contact for each of their vacancies, removing the administrative burden and all associated transactional activities from them as the process is underpinned by our applicant tracking and recruitment workflow system ‘Appellia’.

Key Contract Achievements

Our solution has also brought about the following benefits:

Best practice processes, control & visibility

Through the development and implementation of Appellia, Omni has introduced best practice processes, pulling the management of all workers and agencies into one central system. This has allowed for the centralisation of all timesheets, a universal screening process to provide visibility of all workers and weekly management information reporting to support workforce planning across C&C’s hiring manager community.

Neutrality and a reduction in temporary recruitment costs

Omni has rationalised and consolidated all agency suppliers, formalising a preferred supplier list for use across their business. As a neutral partner, we’ve been able to leverage better terms and rates with the agencies to deliver the best value to C&C without any detriment to quality, performance or motivation of the supply chain. C&C have also achieved significant savings accrued through the audit of all other wage costs, such as NI contributions being applied as actual and not a blanket rate, bringing complete transparency of all costs.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

With a dedicated team in place to manage all agencies on the PSL, compliance is strictly monitored via our performance management measures including bi-annual compliance audits and random spot checks across the supply chain to ensure each agency is operating in line with the SLA in place and to confirm the relevant documentation is in place and confirmed for every temporary worker currently engaged.

Better workforce planning and consistency of candidates

Through the provision of management information, Omni supports C&C with their workforce planning, working in partnership with the hiring manager community to schedule shifts across their network each week in order to maintain consistency of quality candidates.

A flexible and scalable solution

As a fast and agile resourcing partner, Omni continues to support C&C with a flexible and scalable solution it needs to best support their business needs. We continually monitor and maintain the PSL, adapting it to reflect changes to C&C’s requirements to ensure only the best suppliers are selected to provide C&C with a reliable workforce.

Charmaine Morrison, HR Business Partner, Central & Cecil commented;

“Since being awarded the contract, Omni have helped us to bring down our recruitment costs as well as realise other significant savings, control our temporary worker recruitment and mitigate the risk of regulatory non-compliance and we’ve been delighted with their performance and we genuinely value their approach to working in partnership.

Omni have refined and consolidated the entire recruitment process, working closely with agencies and hiring managers to build trusted relationships that ensure we are continually provided with a reliable workforce, the nature of our business can lead to us needing staff at very short notice and they’ve never let us down. The process has been streamlined and has allowed hiring managers to focus on their core responsibilities rather than trying to manage multiple agencies and candidates. They’ve also been a great support with workforce planning and rota management across our business to make sure we have the same great candidates coming back to us.” 

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