Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Training

Diversity and Inclusion can no longer remain as a bullet point on a board agenda; to be discussed at every occasion but no real action taken to drive the change needed.

Prospective candidates and the talent you need in your business to meet your own objectives want to work for an organisation where diversity is evident and inclusion is the norm. The REA tool provides a significant level of insight into resourcing best practice and enables you to establish and develop your current recruitment D&I position, benchmark yourself against competitors, and provides you with D&I resourcing solutions that will deliver the transformational change needed.

How do we do this?


Review your current resourcing activities through desktop research, employee and senior leader focus groups and whole company surveys.


Benchmark results against best practice standards, competitors and companies who are leading the way in regard to D&I.


A bespoke action plan and attraction strategy created with positive actions, aspirational targets and deliverable objectives.

Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment

It can be difficult to know where to begin, or how to continue to strengthen your resourcing inclusion journey and Omni’s Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment (REA) has been developed with this in mind. The REA provides HR and recruitment leaders with both a strategic and practical analysis to inform, audit and assess current inclusion resourcing activities. This will then inform the development of next step action plans to create a truly diverse and inclusive workforce.

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REA Measures

Omni’s model identifies four maturity stages of resourcing best practice with ‘Risk’ at Level 1, rising to ‘Strategic Enabler’ at Level 4.  These levels are used to benchmark an organisation’s resourcing maturity against four key categories: D&I, People, Technology, Process with 16 essential elements assessed in total.

The maturity stages are progressive and should be prioritised according to the overarching strategic requirements of your wider business and aligned People/HR strategy.

Service Options:

Omni’s Research-based Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment Tool (REA).

Omni’s consultants have over two decades of experiences in developing inclusive resourcing strategy. Our combination of research, consultancy and best practice know-how, together with our partnership with the CIPD, has resulted in the unique REA methodology that can work with organisations to audit, assess and take action on Inclusive resourcing.

Option One - 360 assessment

Competed by Omni’s consultants,  the 360 assessment allows you to gain deep insight into an organisations D&I resourcing maturity.  We use desktop research, analyse key data, conduct candidate & hiring manager surveys, and hold focus group meetings with key stakeholders, recent hires and candidates.   Findings are assessed next to Omni’s maturity model and insight is provided in key areas of strength and those in need of development. A detailed analysis, along with recommendations are presented in an actionable roadmap in line with an organisations overall D&I business and People strategy.

The benefits of Omni’s 360 assessment

Rapid, and objective feedback into existing D&I resourcing practice allowing for the development of a road map to support transformational change.

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Option Two – One day virtual workshop

Omni’s consultants share the methodology with a business’s Resourcing Leaders and/or Team which allows for a ‘self-audit assessment’ assessed next to Omni’s benchmarks for the 16 key elements of D&I resourcing effectiveness.

The benefits of Omni’s REA workshop

Rapid and cost-effective assessment into existing resourcing practice allowing for immediate review of change priorities for a Resourcing Team.

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Option Three – Omni’s consulting and coaching service

Unlike other assessments, Omni’s REA journey, post-assessment, is supported by a dedicated consultant, supporting a business or TA leader with their Recruitment Transformation roadmap projects. Our consultants support businesses to action development areas from the core 16 elements by either managing key projects directly or working alongside an existing team, all with the outcome of driving overall resourcing maturity and success of a D&I strategy.

The benefits of Omni’s consulting and coaching service

Expert knowledge to ensure that inclusive resourcing change happens, and an organisation makes a significant progress in its ability to recruit effectively and achieve business success. The service allows internal teams to focus on business as usual, as well as maintain focus on improvements.

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It can be difficult to know where to begin, or how to improve your resourcing maturity and Omni’s REA has been developed with this in mind.  To find out more about how the REA can support your business, get in touch and talk to one of our consultants today.

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