Omni’s Hybrid RPO solution provides flexible, expert recruitment support to organisations and complements the activity of in-house resourcing teams.

The requirement for additional resources to support a specific component of the recruitment process is a challenge for in-house resourcing teams, particularly during peaks in recruitment activity. We help organisations overcome these challenges by providing a flexible resource when things are tight, helping to offset risks and maintain a consistent candidate experience.

CV Screening
Candidate Sourcing
Apprenticeship & Graduate Recruitment
Assessment Centres
Background Screening & Vetting
Talent Mapping

Benefits of a Hybrid RPO

  • It’s flexible and there when you need it. As your business changes, so does your hiring strategy.
  • It can be mobilised rapidly and flexed to accommodate expansion, downsizing or hiring freezes, all at no extra cost.
  • It allows your internal teams to focus on higher value activities, assigning  more administrative duties jobs to Omni.
  • It helps to maintain the integrity of your brand during peaks in recruitment activity, ensuring that candidates receive a positive experience at each stage of the recruitment process.
  • It’s cost- effective, time-to-hire is decreased, cost-per-hire is reduced and quality -of- hire is increased.

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