Public Sector

Omni is a trusted provider of permanent and temporary recruitment solutions on the Crown Commercial Service, ESPO and YPO frameworks.

This offers you a quick, simple and competitive route to our strategic HR and recruitment services. Omni has been selected for our ability to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services that combine both quality and value.

Securing exceptional talent is crucial for public sector organisations to continually deliver quality services and achieve all your objectives. Yet recruiting can be challenging with complex compliance requirements, high volumes, and competition from private companies.

That’s where Omni comes in.

With our expertise in public sector hiring, Omni helps you build world-class teams efficiently, compliantly, and cost-effectively. We’re a trusted partner on major framework agreements, having supported various government departments, ALBs, regulators, local authorities, NHS trusts, emergency services, and more.

Omni is dedicated to driving positive social change through our work. By partnering with government and regulatory bodies, Omni is helping to ensure that all organisations have diverse, qualified teams that serve all their communities fairly and effectively. We believe in using our expertise in strategic resourcing to help build workforces focused on the greater good.

Our tailored solutions are designed to address your specific recruitment challenges:

  • Outsourced solutions for higher volume requirements.
  • Brand led campaigns to engage key skills across DDaT, Commercial, HR, Finance, and other Corporate Functions.
  • Surge support to internal TA teams, providing expert recruiters for as long as you need them.
  • Contingent workforce management, driving compliance whilst delivering cost and process efficiencies.
  • Best practice EDI consulting and training to help you deliver against your organisational commitment.

We work in partnership with all our clients, becoming an extension of your team, combining our specialist knowledge with new techniques to find and onboard public sector talent.

Public Sector Expertise

Government faces growing demands on services and public spending pressures, creating challenges for managers. Meeting objectives to improve efficiencies requires transformation across departments, whether through Shared Services or adapting to new economic realities. This places demands on management, needing new skills and ways of working. Yet it also brings opportunities, with careers in government more attractive than ever.

As CCS accredited suppliers, Omni plays an important recruitment role, managing large campaigns or providing targeted support, with experience working with organisations such as The Home Office and The Cabinet Office. Experienced at all levels, including Senior Civil Service, we develop flexible solutions that meet requirements and deliver high calibre and diverse talent for your organisation.

As a leading strategic resourcing consultancy, Omni offers a number of services and solutions for recruitment and training needs for ALBs, with experience of working with a variety of ALB organisations. Firstly, our extensive industry expertise ensures the selection of top-tier candidates with the right skills, experience and cultural fit to fill your critical roles. This results in improved organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our comprehensive training programmes are tailored to each ALBs’ specific requirements, fostering the development of essential skills and knowledge among staff. This not only enhances performance but also aligns employees with your organisation’s goals and mission. We also offer specialist EDI consulting and training to help you deliver against your inclusivity goals. Our holistic and partnership approach to recruitment and training proves valuable for ALBs in maintaining a competent and motivated workforce.

Omni’s expertise in strategic resourcing enables us to effectively recruit qualified candidates for regulatory agency roles. We design specialised assessments to identify candidates with the right competencies and also provide training on equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring regulatory staff represent diverse communities and help you achieve your organisational commitments.

We have gained expertise and understanding of specific government hiring needs, have the ability to attract specialised talent, and experience of developing customised assessments and EDI training for regulators, such as Ofcom. Our recruitment solutions provide an immense benefit to regulatory bodies seeking to build a skilled, diverse workforce to serve the public interest. Partnering with Omni provides you with optimal and efficient recruitment, structured and effective assessment tools, and training that supports the development and success of your teams.

Recession and budget cuts force local governments to rapidly adapt. Omni provides the innovative recruitment and resourcing solutions clients need to improve efficiency in services and structure. We assist clients in enhancing recruitment, sharing research and spend insights, and adopting best practices like centralised demand management.

The current and traditional models need help to reshape, and our talent and innovation can help. We are experienced in attracting private sector experts eager to help drive future public sector transformation. Our expertise finds and delivers top-tier talent to support change, enabling local governments to grow and improve your service delivery and efficiencies.

With lives on the line, emergency services need the very best talent. Yet recruitment presents unique challenges – demanding niche skills, efficient hiring, and diverse workforces. This is Omni’s specialty. We understand what is needed to attract and assess talent to support your services.

Omni provides compliant, value-driven solutions, that are tailored specifically to your role requirements. Our expertise spans the entire process – from targeted attraction to assessment centres to background checks. Trust us to recruit responders with the technical capabilities and character to serve with compassion, courage and skill.

Recruiting top faculty and operational staff is key to building a world-class higher education institution. Yet the process comes with unique needs – finding academics who advance research, support diverse student bodies, and align with your institutional culture and mission. Our teams have experience and knowledge of these specific requirements and can provide solutions to support your education recruiting.

Our tailored solutions attract, assess and onboard teaching professionals, researchers, and support staff, at all levels, who match your values and vision. We’re great at establishing relationships with quality talent across all disciplines to recruit for all your university roles. Our Omni team has the expertise to find candidates ready to contribute to your culture of innovation and excellence and help shape the future of education.

Healthcare moves fast, making efficient, quality recruitment crucial. With lives on the line, you need the best talent. Yet healthcare hiring presents unique challenges – highly specialised roles, niche skills, and diverse, compassionate teams. This is where you can use our expertise – we are resourcing specialists who understand your distinct needs.

We establish relationships with top talent and candidates and provide tailored, compliant solutions for all your roles. We are a trusted partner who works in partnership with you to fully understand your culture and standards. Our Omni team will oversee the entire process to recruit professionals with technical excellence, passion and commitment for your organisation.

Case Study: Ofcom

In 2020, Omni began working with the UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, providing an onsite Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) team to support their permanent and contingent recruitment strategy. With plans to open new offices and increase permanent headcount by up to 30% over a three-year period, alongside a need to compliantly manage their growing contingent workforce, Ofcom recognised the value an external partner could add to their internal hiring team.

Fast forward to 2023, and we are very proud of everything we have achieved to date, working alongside the Ofcom team – great employer brand, new and improved systems, data and reporting tools, EDI development and career hub in place and three awards!

“What sets Omni apart is their commitment to building a true partnership, developing innovative and new ways of attracting talent, their understanding of our evolving business needs and culture and the impact this has on our people. Thank you to the team at Omni.” 

Kerri-Ann O’Neill, People and Transformation Director, Ofcom 

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