Recruitment Effectiveness 
Assessment (REA)

The ultimate health check for your recruitment...

Omni's Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment (REA) will help you transform your recruitment strategy into a truly best practice function.

We will carry out a full audit of your processes through utilising our Recruitment Maturity Matrix - a benchmarking tool used to measure the effectiveness of every component of your recruitment strategy, such as candidate sourcing, assessment & selection, and recruitment technology.

Following the REA, a subsequent report illustrating the health of your recruitment strategy is provided and accompanied by next-step improvement plans for you to achieve optimal effectiveness.

Post-REA Consultancy

If you would like to significantly restructure your resourcing strategy on the basis of current recruitment maturity, as illustrated during the REA, the option is there for Omni to continue its consultancy support to build a bespoke recruitment framework and evolve your approach to bring it in line with industry best practice.

Whether you're just seeking a high-level assessment of your resourcing activities or need collaboration with a reliable partner to build a new framework for your desired recruitment function, Omni's REA serves as the ideal and proven service to help you attain your ultimate strategy.

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