Why Outsource?

Many businesses explore RPO solutions when existing recruitment processes are costly and inefficient or when internal resourcing teams struggle to scale to meet business requirements. Common factors include an over-reliance on recruitment agencies resulting in high levels of spend, inconsistencies in recruitment process impacting negatively on the candidate experience and an inability to leverage their employer brand to attract and engage the right talent at the right time.

As a Resourcing Transformation Specialist, our RPO services help organisations improve their resourcing effectiveness, whether this be improving process efficiency or nurturing talent pipelines through better use of technology, to providing accurate MI and detailed market intelligence to inform talent management strategies that future-proof access to the best fit candidates. All of this is achieved whilst delivering significant reductions in cost, minimising agency fees by increasing the level of direct hires into the business and working collaboratively to make you stand out as a destination employer.

Indirect savings can also be gained through reduced time spent on administrative tasks by your Internal Resourcing Teams and Hiring Managers and improved times-to-hire, meaning there is less impact on productivity as a result of unfilled roles.

From a short-term project to a long-term strategic partnership, Omni will be embedded into your organisation, sitting behind your brand, and working in partnership to change the way you resource for the better. So, let us do the hard work whilst you focus on the all-important hiring decisions and how best to maximise the potential of new hires within the business.

Benefits of RPO


As your business changes, so does your hiring strategy. Our solution can be scaled to accommodate expansion and downsizing or hiring freezes, which means you benefit from the flexibility and not having to carry the fixed costs.

Employer Brand

We will make you stand out in the talent market, working with you to develop your Employer Value Proposition and promote opportunities to as diverse a range of candidates as possible, driving engagement and nurturing talent.

Candidate Experience

Combining our expert resourcing teams with candidate management technology, we will ensure that the candidate experience is a positive one whether successful or not in the recruitment process, further enhancing your employer brand.

Talent Pools

Our job is to proactively engage with the best candidates and create talent pools for future hiring. We will keep you ahead of your competition for the same skills, nurturing talent by keeping them engaged ahead of future job opportunities.

Actionable Analytics

We track each stage of the recruitment process across every hire. Our reporting analytics tools including real-time dashboard data provide detailed insights for informed decision-making and people strategy reviews.

Value for Money

By increasing direct hiring through creative attraction channels and reducing unnecessary agency spend, our services are highly cost-effective. Add to this standardisation of processes that create further efficiencies and reduced times-to-hire, we will deliver exceptional value for money.

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