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Expert support to deliver high volume, short-term or specialist recruitment projects. Offering much needed scalability and expertise to internal resourcing teams.

Short-term projects

High Volume Campaigns

Specialist Campaigns

Why Should you Choose a project RPO Service?

Project RPO is a scalable solution that meets a variety of business requirements. Whether you are entering a new market, launching a new product or service, going through the process of a business acquisition or in need of specialist knowledge and skills, Project RPO can deliver what you need without you having to increase the size of your Internal Resourcing Team.

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists will seamlessly integrate themselves into your team and brand, taking on your tone of voice in communications and ensuring that all their work complies with your processes, culture and values. Once the project is complete, we leave no legacy costs as you can continue with business as usual without any additional overheads to consider. What you will be left with is a greater understanding of how any in-house resourcing can anticipate and accommodate fluctuations in the company’s recruitment needs.

By choosing a Project RPO service over simply contracting a standard recruiter, you will gain access to a wealth of additional knowledge and information. Whilst it does have a defined end date built-in, a Project RPO service will take a long-term, more strategic view of the situation.


We Deliver Quality Talent, Fast 

Project RPO is an efficient and effective way to manage resources without sacrificing best practices or quality. Whether you require support with a high-volume recruitment campaign or specialist sourcing, we can help you recruit the very best talent within your budget and timeframes.

Eliminating the need for an organisation to coordinate external agencies and increase their own in-house resources to deliver the numbers required, our Project RPO solutions can be mobilised at pace to quickly acquire the best-fit candidates in the required timeframe.
As the on-demand economy continues to grow, we believe that recruitment shouldn’t get left behind. Omni is ready to deliver as and when you need us, irrespective of the tightness of your timescales. With our help, your average time-to-hire can be vastly reduced, and your hiring goals easily met.

How We Do It

We’re ready and agile to fulfil your needs at a moment’s notice. Our flexible structure means we have the capacity and expert resources in place to support any recruitment project.
We’ll build a delivery team around your specific objectives and operate completely under your brand in partnership with your Internal Resourcing and HR Team(s). We can work on-site or from our own resource centres.
We’ll incorporate best practice recruitment processes as standard, utilising our own recruitment technology to underpin service delivery, whilst providing complete visibility of all activity.
Using the most creative sourcing methods with a clear focus on direct sourcing, we’ll attract the best-fit candidates from the largest and most diverse talent pool, to engage with both active and passive candidates.

Let’s Talk RPO

Contact Omni today and we’ll help you understand and deliver RPO effectively.

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