Diversity, Inclusion and Employment Law is a complex subject.

Omni’s specialist training ensures that any Recruiter or Hiring Manager involved with attracting or selecting talent understands not just their regulatory obligations, but how to deliver an inclusive and great experience for candidates.

Using up to date case studies and the latest techniques this training will ensure recruiters and hiring managers understand how to develop their practice to support D&I objectives and attract and select the widest possible pool of diverse talent

Training Programme Details

Omni’s Inclusive Recruitment & Selection training programme covers all the essential elements of a recruitment process and the key role both TA teams and Hiring Managers play in making this successful.  

Programme overview  

Our inclusive recruitment and selection programme typically includes: 

• Understanding where discrimination can occur during recruitment
• Understand unconscious bias and its impact during the hiring process
Avoiding discrimination when preparing job adverts, attracting, interviewing, assessing and selecting candidates
Positive discrimination and how to legally increase workforce diversity
Reasonable adjustments – When and how to make adjustments
Shortlisting/Selection – How to remain objective, recognising bias, and make selection decisions based on evidence
Effective Interview Techniques – Questions to ask and questions to avoid; Structured interviews and questioning techniques
Common pitfalls from interviewing 

 Additional Objectives for Recruiters and HR Training

• The role of a recruiter in influencing and encouraging inclusive hiring
• Candidate Attraction – understanding different sourcing options to extend reach with under-represented groups
The role of social media – how to develop inclusive job adverts and collateral on social channels to attract diverse candidates
Adverts/Job Specification – Looking at language used, tools to help assess language and how to ensure the skills you have identified can be measured objectively 

Why us?

We deliver training in a number of ways to suit your needs, be it face-to-face, live virtual workshops, or as eLearning modules. The content of our programmes is always tailored to your own business objectives to ensure the content is relevant to you and your team. 

So, whatever your business objectives and learning needs, Omni will design, develop, deliver and support a recruitment training programme that is best for you, your team and your organisation – whether that be just one or multiple modules. 

What Do Our Clients Say?

Some of the latest feedback from clients we’ve trained:

“The programme exceeded my expectations and was one of the most relevant, knowledgeable and enjoyable training sessions I have had. I have come away with a better understanding for recruitment and confidence in myself and what I am doing going forwards when recruiting or helping hiring managers with the process of recruitment.”  — Hiring Manager, NICE 

“I thought it was a great workshop. It felt like we were all in the room together. The facilitators did the best job I have seen since lockdown at creating a discursive environment so the learning could be interactive. The materials were very strong. Great facilitators. Overall, highly recommend.” — Manager, UK Finance 

“Very informative sessions which brought more up to date practice to the fore. Left me feeling that there are opportunities to change what we do even if we can change everything, small changes will make a difference.” — Manager, Northern Care Alliance

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