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For many years, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has provided a solution for businesses seeking to hire at scale and control costs. It works when a company outsources the management of all or part of its recruitment function to a third-party to access expert recruiters, leading technology and best practice processes.

When RPO rose to prominence in the early 2000s, it was mostly utilised by enterprises to streamline large-scale hiring. Because of this, RPO was perceived as inaccessible to SMEs from a price and requirement perspective. 

However, fast forward to 2021, and there has been a significant shift in focus for businesses of all sizes. The events of the previous 12 months mean supplier relationships have become less transactional and more strategic, with a requirement for flexibility in the face of rapidly changing business needs.

Companies understand that attracting, selecting, onboarding and retaining the best talent is pivotal to drive recovery. As such, many are now looking for ways to rebuild talent pipelines that do not pose an unnecessary risk or incur additional costs.

Step Forward, Project RPO

Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing enables a company to hire a team of talent acquisition professionals to fill a specific need within a designated time frame. It has become increasingly popular in the last year as businesses deal with organisation restructures, recruitment back-logs, unexpected hiring demands and depleted talent pools caused by the pandemic.

Companies expect their supply chains to be more agile and flexible during challenging times, making Project RPO an ideal talent solution. As they recover, employers will continue to see fluctuations in talent requirements with new skills needed as situations evolve. Therefore, they must have instant access to the talent and support they need during periods of high demand, while, at the same time, not having to pay for those resources during slower times. The unique feature of Project RPO versus using an agency supply chain is that the RPO will be immersed in its brand, values and culture and effectively operate as an extension to its internal talent acquisition team.  

Agile Project RPO grants access to these services on an on-demand basis, so they can ramp up or slow down the process at any time. It is also useful if a business wants help with a highly-specialised recruitment need that an internal team does not have the skills to undertake.

Omni works with a range of businesses of all sizes across various sectors to provide flexible and tailored Project RPO solutions. Despite Project RPO having a definitive start and end date, our talent acquisition specialists integrate into a team and brand to ensure all work is aligned with established technology, processes, culture and values. It is this dedication to delivering the highest level of service, coupled with the complete flexibility our Project RPO solution offers that has made it one of Omni’s leading services over the last 12 months. 

As businesses recover in the face of ongoing uncertainty, truly agile solutions will become the standard as we seek out services that are available whenever and for however long we need them.

Register for our RPO Round Table event 

In March , Omni will host an online round table event to discuss Recruitment Process Outsourcing and all of the different RPO options available. You’ll  have the opportunity to ask our experts any questions in relation to RPO and share your challenges. Register here now.