3 People looking at a MacAgility has, without a doubt, become the key phrase of workforce management today. Thanks to Covid, flexibility around working practices has become the norm, but this need for dexterity has translated across more than just the way our workforces operate. It’s also evolved business resource solutions.

And with the global economic uncertainty that has been so prevalent since mid-2022, firms have understandably invested funds into new growth areas, which has created a need for short-term Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions.

In line with this demand, the benefits of Project RPO have become more prevalent.


What is Project RPO?

Before we go into more detail on the benefits of Project RPO in the modern world of work, let’s take a step back and consider what it is. Traditionally, Recruitment Process Outsourcing was viewed as a more permanent solution to consistent talent attraction needs. RPO services were engaged on a long-term basis to provide full talent solutions for a department, region or the global business.

It has, rather unfortunately, often been considered to be more of a service engaged by bigger brands with larger budgets (though we would argue that’s not the case, but that is another article topic in itself). For employers with a temporary need for the services on offer under an RPO, such as a launch into a new market, Project RPO is a more viable choice.

As a brief overview, this solution provides a business with:

  • Scalable talent solutions to support one-off projects such as new product or service launches, business acquisitions or just general peaks in activity
  • Best practice resource management without the need to invest in permanent in-house hiring resources or become tied into long-term contracts
  • Full management of second-tier agency suppliers that may be new to the business
  • Temporary access to additional talent attraction and management resources that are fully trained and qualified and who have the experience running successful Project RPO solutions

The benefits of Project RPO

The outline above already touches on some of the main benefits that Project RPO brings to firms, but there is so much more value to this solution, particularly in the current economic climate. The UK may have narrowly avoided a recession so far, but uncertainty still remains rife, and similar pictures are being painted across the globe.

Businesses are, however, still facing demand from clients and growth remains on the cards for many. However, with a general nervousness in the market, committing to larger or longer-term solutions such as traditional RPO or in-house hiring team expansion isn’t as viable. Project RPO provides the happy medium in these scenarios, offering the high quality and even high volume short term talent acquisition solutions needed.

Where there are niche requirements in a business – for example, a need to improve diversity and increase hiring across under-represented demographics – this project service enables businesses to tap into the expertise of specialist hiring teams, without having to channel a significant amount of resource into supplier research or retraining hiring teams.

Project RPO services can also aid the creation and management of a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP), particularly when firms have struggled to recruit for specific roles or across certain demographics. Having an embedded team of experts on board even in a temporary position will provide a company with insights that would perhaps be unavailable with existing recruitment support, and that knowledge will stay with the firm once the project is completed.

Finally, Project RPO can often provide HR, procurement and hiring teams with data and insights that were not previously available. As a Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner will be required to report on set statistics and provide a talent pool analysis under most contracts, firms will be able to gain a trial insight into the information that could be valuable for future resourcing strategies. And for those who haven’t yet had the change to reap the rewards of having an RPO supplier on board, this project approach essentially allows firms to ‘try before you buy’.

Making Project RPO work for your business

While there are clear benefits to Project RPO, every company is different and every workforce is nuanced. Knowing what positive outcomes this solution can bring to your firm will only truly be identifiable by having an open an honest discussion with an expert.

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