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Omni’s recruitment training programmes cover every step in the end-to-end recruitment cycle and help organisations attract high quality candidates in todays candidate driven market. 

From strategic workforce planning, employer branding, and candidate attraction through to effective inclusive selection and onboarding, training from Omni will give Talent Acquisition teams the tools and techniques required to attract, source, select and retain the best-fit and most diverse people for your organisation. This is vital for supporting future business growth and success. 

Omni’s training also ensures that you are working in line with current employment legislation and with diversity and inclusion at the core. 

Training helps organisations significantly enhance their workforce planning, employer brand, increase the quality of hires, and reduce their overall recruitment spend through effective direct sourcing and tighter control of their recruitment processes. 

We believe that effective recruitment starts by looking at retention, and our training supports organisations to reduce turnover through more effective attraction, selection and onboarding. 

Ultimately Omni’s training specialists design and deliver training that help improve the way organisations resource for the better.  

What Do Our Clients Say?

Some of the latest feedback from clients we’ve trained:

“Really comprehensive overview of the end-to-end recruitment process. Covers what’s happening in the market, what we need to be aware of – candidate experience and specific steps we are taking to improve diversity and inclusion through recruitment”. — Talent Acquisition Partner, NICE

“Very informative sessions which brought more up to date practice to the fore. Left me feeling that there are opportunities to change what we do even if we can change everything, small changes will make a difference.” — Recruitment Manager, Northern Care Alliance

“It was excellent, really thought provoking and raised some interesting issues and made some worthwhile points that will have an impact on our future recruitment process.” — Manager, UK Finance

“Fantastic course and very insightful. Sourcing and selection were the most interesting areas as well as us needing to really review our data and look at the science behind it.” — Talent Acquisition Partner, Jacobs Engineering

“Enlightening, engaging, essential. Main Learning: much greater understanding of reasonable adjustments.” — Head of Talent Acquisition, Money Supermarket

“Insightful and relevant – reinforced the things that we do well whilst helping us to discover how we can do things better. Pitched perfectly and extremely informative.  Really enjoyed time to discuss with colleagues what good looks like and how we can implement change.  Good open training style.” — TA, Jacobs Engineering 

“The programme exceeded my expectations and was one of the most relevant, knowledgeable and enjoyable training sessions I have had. I have come away with a better understanding for recruitment and confidence in myself and what I am doing going forwards when recruiting or helping hiring managers with the process of recruitment.” Manager, NICE 

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