Recruitment Training for Hiring Managers

Omni’s recruitment training programmes are crafted by our seasoned in-house TA and Recruitment training professionals. Our specialist training helps TA teams and Hiring Managers attract, select, and retain the best and most diverse talent.. No matter the level of experience, our programmes enhance and refine hiring capabilities.

Key role: The Hiring Manager

Hiring Managers play a crucial role in talent acquisition, often making the final decision on candidate selection. Omni’s Hiring Manager training programme equips managers with the knowledge to make these decisions confidently while effectively representing their brand. Our training covers all essential elements of the recruitment process and highlights the vital role hiring managers play in its success. 

Recruitment from start to finish

In some SMEs and even midsize companies, Hiring Managers may need to handle the entire recruitment process, including creating job descriptions, writing adverts, and ensuring compliance with legislation. In larger organisations, their focus may be on candidate selection and employer brand representation. Our training programmes cater to these diverse needs, ultimately improving the way organisations hire their people. 

Benefits of our Hiring Manager Training

It empowers

It equips managers with the knowledge to make the right hiring decisions with confidence, enhancing organisational success.

Ensures consistency

It covers all essential elements of the recruitment process from sourcing to onboarding ensuring high quality and consistency throughout the process.

Enhances inclusivity

By focusing on employment law, inclusive selection and interview techniques, hiring managers are equipped to stay on the right side of legislation, whilst embracing diversity.

Candidate experience

When hiring managers have confidence in their recruitment capability, they will provide a positive candidate experience which may make the difference in securing talent ahead of your competitors.

Why Choose Us? 

At Omni, we offer training in various formats to suit your needs, including face-to-face, live virtual workshops, and eLearning modules. Our programmes are always tailored to your business needs and objectives. Whether you need a single half- day refresher, or a comprehensive training programme, we will design and deliver the best solution for you. We’ve got something right as we have a satisfaction score of >95% from our clients, who return year on year for further support. 

“Omni worked with UAL to recruit the entire Procurement team. This was a difficult brief in a short space of time. Their insight and diligence were excellent and approach highly professional.”
Interim Head of Procurement, UAL

Recruitment Training FAQs

Inclusive Recruitment Training benefits organisations by enabling employees with the skills and confidence to promote a fair and accessible recruitment process, creating an inclusive culture. It also teaches techniques to assess language use, employ inclusive job postings, amplify candidate attraction strategies, and reach under-represented groups, broadening the talent pool and enriching the organisation with diverse perspectives and experiences.

Omni’s recruitment training for hiring managers provides essential skills needed to attract, select, and retain high-calibre talent. The recruitment process is a blend of different skills and specialisms, with every discipline playing its part in an effective recruitment strategy. A hiring manager’s decisions, whether good or bad, will impact directly on an organisation’s efficient running, and ultimately impact the bottom line. We’ll develop a programme to suit your specific needs. Training can include any aspect of the recruitment life cycle, including the role of hiring manager with attraction and brand, importance of candidate experience, employment law, inclusive selection techniques and interview skills. Our goal is to deliver training that ensures hiring managers can make effective and confident decisions.

EDI training, is essential for anyone involved in the hiring process to understand their regulatory obligations and create a positive, inclusive experience for candidates. Omni’s specialist training helps navigate complex subjects and develop practices that support EDI objectives, attracting and selecting a diverse talent pool.  

Our recruitment training for TA teams includes developing brand awareness, proactive attraction and sourcing, creating a great candidate and hiring manager experience, stakeholder management and influencing, talent mapping, and creating talent pipelines. It also covers inclusive selection techniques, advanced selection and interviewing skills, advanced sourcing, and conducting your own Resourcing Effectiveness Assessment (audit, assess, action) to benchmark and improve recruitment processes.

Omni’s programme covers understanding discrimination in recruitment, recognising and mitigating bias, legal frameworks for positive action, making reasonable adjustments, objective shortlisting and selection, and effective interview techniques.  


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