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As the economy is waking up at pace, we are seeing many sectors are finding themselves challenged by navigating a candidate-driven market. Rather than expecting employees to fit the criteria of a job requirement, employers are increasingly attempting to attract candidates and pull out all the stops to get the workforce they need to meet demand.  

Key to this is building a positive, engaging and seamless candidate experience that leaves a lasting impression. A great experience goes a long way in improving a company’s employer brand, meaning talent acquisition (TA) teams will have greater success recruiting the best people in the future. Additionally, it increases the likelihood of returning applicants. 

On the flip side, a negative experience can directly impact a company’s bottom line, especially now that it’s easier than ever to share them online via social media or review sites. In this blog, we look at some of the factors that can cause the candidate experience to fail and how employers can avoid making these mistakes.  

  1. Taking too long to hire 

Not only are today’s candidates talented, tech-savvy and well-informed, but they are also in high demand (and know it!). They have inflated expectations regarding experience and won’t tolerate being made to wait, whether that’s due to a multi-stage process, long lead times or a lack of communication. 

Employers must strike a balance between taking enough time to effectively screen candidates and managing expectations without taking so long that they miss out on the best people. It’s, therefore, crucial to identify any bottlenecks in the recruitment process and address them immediately. 

  1. Lack of engagement 

There’s rising concern that virtual hiring processes are negatively impacting candidate engagement. While it’s more convenient for both employers and candidates, it’s also easier for candidates to withdraw Additionally, an online hiring process can prevent candidates from getting a real feel for your company culture and working environment, which, in turn, weakens the early bond between you and potential employees.  

For virtual processes to be a success, TA teams need to be in near-constant communication with candidates. They should be giving regular updates throughout, inform of any delays and giving the opportunity for candidates to ask questions. Preferably, ‘in-person’, whether that’s over the phone or via video conferencing, rather than email. 

Well-planned and structured selection processes are also crucial here. If candidates feel that you’re grappling to make offers or cutting corners to conduct interviews and speed up the process, it can affect the perceived validity or value of the role and potentially lead them to withdraw from the process. 

When it comes to virtual onboarding, extra effort should be made to integrate new hires into your company. You can do this by introducing them to employees outside of their immediate team or department and facilitating opportunities to connect on more of a personal level.  

  1. Using the wrong technology or tools

Investing in the wrong tech to recruit and onboard risks a lot more than wasted money. It wastes time and energy, plus the goodwill of the people on your team who have been asked to adapt to the technology. Crucially, candidate experience will suffer. 

Mistakes commonly made include: 

  • Investing in software that doesn’t integrate with existing tech 
  • Choosing software that’s difficult to use or lacks scalability 
  • Opting for tech that doesn’t align with your candidate and employee needs. 

Omni works with tech providers at all stages within the resourcing process, and each customers need and requirement comes with a different recommended solution. We recommend gaining a clear scope and understanding of the outcomes and objectives you’re hoping to achieve from recruitment technology, rather than looking at the latest trends elsewhere. 

The benefits of engaging an external partner 

An external talent partner is a specialist in cultivating relationships with candidates. That’s why today’s organisations are increasingly tapping into their expertise to help them build rapport and establish the connections that lead to quality hires and recruiting success. Resourcing partners have the right technology, digital tools and hiring strategies to deliver high-quality experiences that ensure candidates feel valued from the initial point of contact through to onboarding.  

Key Challenges in the Road Ahead… 

In our guide, The Talent Acquisition Odyssey: Key Challenges in the Road Ahead’, we delve into some of the main pain points and areas of focus for TA teams right now. We also explore why there is now an increased reliance on external recruitment partners and the significant value they can add to organisations looking to grow and thrive in 2021 and beyond.  

For further information on building a winning candidate experience and bolstering your employer brand, contact the experts at Omni