Group of diverse employees sat in meeting room - indicating inclusive leadership

The best leaders create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and valued for their unique contributions. By creating “psychologically safe environments”, where people feel it is their place to contribute authentically, they drive innovation whilst enhancing productivity. Indeed, according to the World Economic Forum’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report, organisations with diverse workforces enjoy 20% more creativity and 19% higher revenue from innovation.

Organisations with inclusive leaders are also better positioned to attract and retain talent from all backgrounds and demographics. Team members feel more valued, engaged, and empowered in their work. Teams leverage broader perspectives to make smarter decisions and develop better services and products.

Real Change Requires Action

Real change comes from action, and there are many ways you can enable your leaders to be inclusive and create a culture of belonging:

  1. Introduce engaging and informative training on inclusivity for your leadership team and managers.
  2. Integrate inclusivity into your core values.
  3. Create an inclusive workplace task force.
  4. Review and create more inclusive workplace policies.
  5. Encourage employees to discuss and share their traditions and customs through workplace activities.
  6. Provide a forum for introverts to shine – e.g. introduce weekly pulse surveys and online suggestion processes/tools.

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