Why TikTok is tailor-made for (Gen Z) talent attraction

Given some of the acute labour and skill shortages across several key UK sectors such as logistics, manufacturing and retail, organisations are understandably looking at new ways to entice jobseekers and potential candidates, in particular young Gen Z talent. Social media platforms have for some time been fertile ground for talent acquisition but the shift towards video rich content has been a gamechanger. In this blog, we explore the incredible influence that TikTok is having in social media recruiting while looking at some of the ways you can use the platform optimally in the recruitment of young professionals.    

Going viral 

While the Chinese, ByteDance owned app continues to court controversy, there is no denying its global popularity which has seen it amass more than one billion worldwide users since its launch in 2016. And with many millions of monthly users in the UK, among them a high proportion of 18–24-year-olds, it’s easy to see why employers are increasingly focusing their recruitment marketing efforts on TikTok. The other big benefit is the diversity of its user base which enables hiring managers to tap into a much wider talent pool, notably women and under-represented groups.  

It has long been proven that the ROI of video has historically been among the highest for engagement among all content forms. And this is where TikTok comes into its own. By posting typically short form, bite-sized videos, organisations can generate greater interest and excitement in their job vacancies while also promoting their employer brand. Candidates can hear from hiring managers and team members directly about your organisation’s culture and working environment. Employee testimonials like these are priceless and can dramatically boost engagement, in turn driving applicant numbers. 

The beauty of TikTok is that it enables organisations to get creative about the type of content they put out, which means that they can make a greater impact beyond just talking about the role. There are a range of ways to engage with potential future recruits, examples of which include office tours or behind the scenes activities that provide real insights into a typical working day and also the culture and values of the organisation. This is a sure-fire way to connect with younger cohorts who place such value on diversity and inclusion, as well as environment, social and governance (ESG) focus. 

What other tactics can organisations deploy with their ‘TikToks’ to engage with millennial jobseekers?  

Why TikTok is tailor-made for (Gen Z) talent attraction

One of the most widely used are hashtag challenges that combine catchy videos with a hashtag, inviting users to create their own content in the hope that it could go viral. There is also paid for, advertised and branded versions which enable organisations to sponsor the hashtag so that it appears on the ‘Discover Page’ where users can find the latest trending topics. Brands will often collaborate and partner with influencers too to help spread the word and get more people to take part. 

Building an authentic employer brand      

The educational aspect of TikTok content is perhaps one of the aspects most overlooked, but it is particularly relevant to talent attraction. Beyond CV, interview and careers advice, organisations can supply lots of helpful information to candidates about their application processes. Furthermore, it’s a great way to not only promote the work of your organisation but also promote careers in your specific sector. Including interesting quotes, facts or figures, and answering questions that candidates might have, can help visually create interest in your job roles. 

Another key differentiator of the hiring process is being transparent and upfront about the reasons why people should come and work for your organisation. This cannot be emphasised enough. Research tells us that candidates want to know about your values and culture just as much as they want to know about the perks on offer. TikTok enables you to do just that by bringing to life these benefits in a way that can’t be achieved in a simple job description. The platform also allows you to post videos of your leaders to showcase their personalities and reveal their ‘human side’.  

Social media experts will tell you that authenticity is absolutely vital. This is why organisations must not only post consistently and push the boundaries of creativity, but also carefully consider the content being used. The real power comes from showcasing the diversity of people. To truly build brand awareness and boost talent acquisition on social platforms, you need to create content that connects with diverse audiences and make meaningful connections. Encouraging your internal recruiters and other teams to get active on the platform and reposting your own content are just some of the ways in which you can further engage with your audiences.  

Why TikTok is tailor-made for (Gen Z) talent attraction

In today’s tight labour market where skills are in such short supply, organisations can ill afford to get left behind. Maersk, Amazon, Asda and Tesco are just some of the organisations investing significant sums to promote their jobs on TikTok. And with almost two thirds (62%) of Gen Z using the platform, and spending most of their time on it, according to HubSpot research, it’s easy to understand why! 

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