End-to-End RPO

Streamlined recruitment solutions tailored for your organisation

End-to-End RPO is a strategic solution tailored to the changing demands of talent acquisition within your organisation. This full-service model, helps alleviate the burdens associated with attracting, screening, and onboarding candidates, fostering a streamlined, tech-enabled, and inclusive recruitment service. Working with Omni, we’ll create a genuine strategic partnership, offering expertise, creativity and cost efficiency that can often be difficult to generate and maintain through an internal recruitment function alone.

We make recruitment work

We build trust from day one by seamlessly embedding ourselves into your values and culture, and work as an extension of your organisation. We introduce leading recruitment practices that are fully compliant and inclusive, designed to engage high calibre talent. Regardless of company size or sector, our solutions shift the dial, so Talent Acquisition is optimised, and contributes to an organisations success.

Why partner with Omni for End-to-End RPO recruitment?


We embed ourselves into your values and culture and manage the recruitment process seamlessly.

Brand elevation

We work behind your brand, pulling on levers to attract the best talent ahead of your competition.


Our Recruitment Partners are experts and highly credible giving you confidence that hiring managers and candidates will have an outstanding experience.

Enhanced RoI

Through our strategic resourcing partnerships, we ensure that talent acquisition drives business value.

“In my opinion the level of personalisation of the services stands Omni out from the competition. We’re not just another account and Omni doesn’t just deliver transactional recruitment services, they offer end-to-end resourcing solutions, and the results speak for themselves.”
Head of Talent, Leadership and Performance at Ofcom

End-to-End RPO FAQs

Omni offers a complete RPO recruitment process that covers engagement, sourcing, screening, assessments, offer management, and onboarding. Our streamlined process ensures consistent and compliant recruitment practices tailored to your organisation’s needs.

By partnering with Omni, organisations can transform recruitment from a cost centre into a profit driver. We introduce top-notch recruitment practices, guide strategic resourcing partnerships, elevate EDI strategies and help achieve measurable goals that drive business success.

With our Recruitment Process Outsourcing model, Omni lifts the administrative burden of recruitment from your in-house team and manages the process seamlessly as if we’re part of your organisation. We embed ourselves into your business and develop a deep understanding of the future skills you need. Using leading technology, we proactively attract the right candidates, and nurture them, in a fully branded talent pool just for your organisation, resulting in high quality and faster times to hire.

At Omni, we prioritise partnerships and strategic value. Our track record of success and expertise speaks for itself as does the fact that over 95% of our clients stay with us long term. When asked why, they say it’s because of our expertise and personalised service that makes recruitment work for them. Every client is important to us, regardless of size, spend or sector.


Contact Omni today and a member of our team will be in touch to help you understand and deliver RPO effectively.

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