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Introducing Agility To Your Recruitment Strategy

Omni’s outsourcing recruitment solutions are built with flexibility in mind. A brilliant combination of excellent industry knowledge and a bespoke recruitment technology platform means that we can adapt your recruitment strategy at a moment’s notice. Built-in to our solutions is the knowledge that recruitment needs vary over the course of the year as markets or business strategy changes. We can grow or scale back your recruitment as needed.

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End-to-end RPO

As a full service RPO provider, we can take responsibility for your entire recruitment strategy. From drawing up candidate profiles and sourcing and screening exceptional individuals, right through to making an offer and onboarding the successful candidate, we’ve got you covered.

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Project RPO

Some RPO projects are tied to a specific end date or are highly specialist in nature. We can confidently meet short-term deadlines and deal with high volume whilst still retaining the excellent quality of our end-to-end RPO.

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Hybrid RPO

We can comfortably work in collaboration with your in-house recruitment team to manage and deliver some elements of the wider recruitment process, stepping in where you feel you need advice and support.

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Managed Services

A contingent workforce requires considerable ongoing management, especially if you turnover is high. We will manage all your agency suppliers and candidate concerns whilst still giving you complete visibility of our activity and ongoing costs.

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Outsourcing Recruitment That Delivers Every Time

Done wrong, recruitment can be a costly and inefficient endeavour. Without a clear and comprehensive strategy in place, you will increasingly find yourself turning to agencies for one-off searches that you need completing immediately. This can quickly prove expensive due to the high rates of commission. By committing to outsourcing part or all of your recruitment on a longer-term basis, the entire process becomes more streamlined and efficient. Greater attention is paid to the future needs of the company with our ongoing analysis highlighting recruitment trends.

Outsourcing recruitment can take an enormous weight off your shoulders, particularly if you don’t have a dedicated recruitment resource within the team. Anyone who has ever tried to fill a vacancy will attest to how time-consuming a process it can be. From a business perspective, time spent on the recruitment process draws you away from other tasks. This isn’t time wasted because bringing new resource onboard is vital for business growth, but RPO vastly reduces the amount of time you need to devote to finding and hiring that talent.

We take responsibility for managing the entire recruitment process, with you simply stepping in to make the important decisions, including which candidate you wish to hire. For example, we will ensure that the job advert is published in the relevant places, thoroughly read all the responses and arrange interviews for the most promising candidates. We can then assist you in conducting the interviews and once your decision has been made, negotiate the details with the successful candidate. Omni can do all of this far quicker than someone juggling multiple responsibilities.

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The Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Managing recruitment is one of the biggest challenges any business faces. Most companies simply don’t have the time to carefully plan and outline their long-term strategy, resulting in a more ad hoc and expensive approach of hiring talent when it is urgently needed. Here is how an outsourced recruitment solution can help you develop that all-important strategy:

  • Scalability. Businesses aren’t static but rather are constantly growing or scaling back. As a result, your recruitment needs will fluctuate throughout the year. Our solution recognises this fluidity and has the flexibility to accommodate it, at no extra cost.
  • Cost efficiency. Omni are able to complete the recruitment process at impressive speed, ensuring that the time to hire is reduced. This in turn brings down the cost to hire.
  • Quality of hire. By outsourcing your recruitment, the quality of any hire is likely to improve. At Omni, we have access to extensive databases of potential candidates so we can cast the net wider to find the perfect individual for each role.
  • Engaging talent. One job advert can draw an incredible amount of talent but ultimately only one person is successful. We make a point of continuing to engage with the most impressive individuals in case they could be considered for another role in the future.
  • Consistency. Without a considered and well-communicated recruitment strategy, each company department is likely to differ in their approach. By engaging an outsourced recruitment agency there is greater consistency of process and message.
  • Greater clarity. Transparency and visibility are a major part of how Omni works. We want the hiring manager, candidate, senior leadership team and anyone else with an involvement, to fully understand what we’re doing and why. Agreed SLA’s guarantee that you will save time and money in the long term.
  • Real-time reporting. Ongoing analysis and reporting is incredibly valuable for anyone looking to build a long term recruitment strategy. We track every stage of the recruitment process and feedback any insights it provides.
  • Brand enhancement. A clearer and more consistent recruitment process can only have a positive impact on your brand. We will seamlessly integrate with your company and will work hard to ensure that candidates are only left with a positive impression of the brand.

Looking to the long term

The greatest advantage of using an outsourced recruitment agency over a more traditional offering is the investment in your future. We don’t simply find a group of candidates for a one-off vacancy, but rather take the time to build an excellent understanding of your company and its culture. This insight is then combined with our analytical reporting of the rises and falls in your recruitment needs. From this, we can forecast where you are likely to need resource in both the short and long term future.