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How Omni made Flogas better recruiters.

Flogas’ employees are the heart of its business – driving it forward and satisfying its customers’ needs. But, it’s recruitment process wasn’t reflecting this, and something needed to change. 

Flogas is a leading LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) supplier for homes and businesses across the UK. They aim to be the experts in energy, so their customers don’t have to be, but this requires the right team, with the rights skills and values. 

The problem

With 30 years’ experience in the alternative energy space, Flogas had built a significant reputation, presence and team. But it’s recruitment practices were lacking. 

Years of growth had been led by a variety of different hiring managers, supported by a colourful list of recruitment agencies. This was not only expensive, but it had led to a disconnect between Flogas and its recruitment processes; damaging candidate experience, draining hiring managers’ time and resulting in substandard recruitment and high employee turnover. 

The solution 

Flogas wanted a dedicated, scalable and in-house resourcing function that handled the entire recruitment process. But to achieve this, they needed the skills, knowledge and tools to engage, hire and manage the recruitment of active and passive candidates in the UK.

They began by searching for a recruitment process outsourcer who could develop its employer brand while equipping HR and hiring managers with everything necessary to achieve outstanding hires in-house. 

Omni ticked all of the right boxes. “I found the team at Omni an absolute pleasure to work with.” Karen Birch, HR Business Partner.

The result

Flogas successfully worked with Omni’s recruitment process outsourcing team to position itself as an employer of choice within the industry. But that wasn’t the only significant outcome of partnering with Omni.

A streamlined recruitment process

With Omni’s help, Flogas reduced its average time to hire from 35days to 23 days. This also reduced the average cost to hire while improving the candidate experience substantially and reducing the risk of missing out on top talent. 

“The new system is really quite easy to use. You can log on at any point to get an idea of where your application is,” says Mark Jones, emergency team manager.

Improved oversight

No longer was the HR team chasing agencies and managers for updates or missing information. By introducing Omni’s ATS system “Appellia”, Flogas increased HR’s visibility of the hiring and onboarding process. This enabled them to highlight gaps in service and areas for improvement in the hiring process. “It gives us complete control, and I can see every metric that I’m interested in”, says Sarah Coop, HR Director. 

Direct hires

By working directly with the Omni team, Flogas quickly reduced external agency reliance from 71% to under 30% within six months – achieving their overall project aim. This reduction in agency reliance, alongside increased efficiencies and better quality first-round candidates, has resulted in cost savings of more than £300K within the first year or the project. 

“Overall, I’ve been really, really happy with the recruitment service that Omni has provided,” says Dan McClane, Installation & Planning Manager


Want to know how Omni can change the way your resource for the better?

Like Flogas, many of our customers come to us to enhance their in-house recruitment processes and stay with us because of the results we achieve. Our 20 years’ experience enables us to understand how your resourcing needs align with your business objectives and to prescribe the best tools, knowledge and skills to achieve results. 

To find out how Omni can power your recruitment process, get in touch