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End-to-end RPO

Providing organisations with a total recruitment outsourcing solution, our end-to-end RPO service encompasses the entire recruitment lifecycle from sourcing through to onboarding and beyond, leaving your internal team to focus on other key business initiatives.

Our solutions are completely tailored to an organisation’s unique requirements, with Omni becoming embedded into our clients’ culture and values, managing the recruitment process as an extension of their in-house HR team.

With our RPO model, the administrative and transactional burden of the recruitment process is taken away from an organisation’s in-house team and completely managed by Omni, whilst being fully compliant and aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives.


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Project RPO

Project RPO is great for when you need to scale quickly, for example when you are hiring as a result of launching a new product or service or on the back of a contract your business has won, delivering what you need without you having to increase the size of your internal resourcing team. It is also perfect for when you have a short-term or specialist recruitment need, where the skills of your internal team are limited.

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists will seamlessly integrate themselves into your team and brand, taking on your tone of voice in communications and ensuring that all their work complies with your processes, culture, and values. Once the project is complete, we leave no legacy costs as you can continue with business as usual without any additional overheads to consider.


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On Demand RPO

The requirement for additional resources to support a specific component of the recruitment process is a challenge for in-house resourcing teams, particularly during peaks in recruitment activity. We help organisations overcome these challenges by providing a flexible resource when things are tight, helping to offset risks and maintain a consistent candidate experience.

It is flexible and there when you need it – whether support with response handling, candidate screening, telephone interviewing or assessment centre management, we can mobilise quickly allowing your internal team to focus on higher value activities.

No matter the service we provide, Omni will take the time to really get to know your organisation’s culture and values to become a trusted extension to your internal resourcing team, operating seamlessly behind your brand to deliver an exceptional service at all times.

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Award-winning partnerships

Omni works tirelessly to develop trusted relationships from the outset, and we introduce best practice recruitment across all service models. No matter your objectives, we work collaboratively, using our proven methodology to improve the way you resource for the better.

Testimony to our approach is the array of industry recognised awards we have won including three times winner of outstanding RPO business at the Recruiter Awards and most recently for Business Project of the Year with Flogas, Omni is also the partner of the CIPD for its 2020 Recruitment and Talent Planning Survey.

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We’re changing the way organisations resource for the better

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