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Omni’s Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment (REA) will help you transform your recruitment team into a truly best practice function. The REA provides a unique methodology to audit, assess and benchmark the effectiveness of a resourcing function and develop ‘next step’ improvement plans.

The objective of the assessment is to provide leaders within the in-house recruitment sector with both a strategic and practical analysis to build a high-performing, specialist recruitment function that can support an organisation’s ability to source, select and secure the talent it needs to achieve its business objectives. Omni have designed a maturity model that identifies and details 4 clear stages of recruitment best practice and uses this to benchmark corporate recruitment activities. Each stage has its own set of key activities and performance measures and follows with a subsequent ‘Recruitment Maturity Matrix’ that breaks recruitment activities down into 10 core areas.

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Omni’s Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment (REA) tool will transform your recruitment strategy into a truly best practice resourcing function. Take the test and you’ll receive a detailed analysis report illustrating the health of your recruitment function, accompanied by next-step improvement plans for you to achieve optimal resourcing effectiveness.

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Our Recruitment Maturity Matrix

Level 1: Recruitment Risk - opportunity to add real value to your business

Level 2: Recruitment Engine - time to invest in technology and process

Level 3: Strategic and Commercial Innovation - time to review your EVP & demand planning

Level 4: Trusted Advisor - high performing recruitment function